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March 2, 2014 by Wendy 17 Comments If you’re genuinely interested in earning money online, affiliate marketing is just about the easiest way to get started.
What if you could take advantage of the keywords people were searching for, give them the information they want, and make a commission for helping them solve their problem or guide them to a product?
Now, knowing that there are THOUSANDS of new puppy owners every day, what if you as a potential affiliate marketer just happen to know a ton of information on puppies? You could even get more specific and focus on caring for one particular breed… German Sheperds, Brittany Spaniels, Jack Russell Terriers, etc. This is a deceptive bridge page… it has no purpose other than to trick people into clicking the ads.
With all the junk floating around, it’s hard for people who are honestly searching for a way to make it online find the right program or information. Unfortunately there will always be those willing to exploit legitimate systems, but you just have to fight for the side of good!
When you sign up for the monthly membership, the money will go to WA (so yeah, ultimately Kyle and Carson).
As for the 5,000 deposits, it would come from whatever affiliate program the person is using. Yeah, they walk you through the process of how to find an affiliate program for whatever niche you end up choosing. Well thank you for taking the time to comment here, and I’m glad you find my site helpful.
Yeah I know they have some countries excluded from their free membership for whatever reason (I’m not sure why). How would your income with your websites work with reporting your income to IRS and how would you go about doing that? Generally speaking though, after you make a certain amount from each company in a given calender year they’ll send you 1099 forms, which is what you use for your taxes. Yeah, I know it’s terrible but the reality is that is how most programs within the field are designed these days! These companies want people to help promote their products, and are willing to pay a commission. You could easily take advantage of that and start up an entire niche website on the subject of caring for puppies. You’d also notice they were affiliate marketing, but with lots of provided content to really help the reader make the best decision.
If you can capture people in a buyer friendly phase where they’re looking for reviews or information about something, or looking for a solution to a problem, you have a good chance of grabbing their attention and converting them as long as you are helpful and provide solid recommendations.
At first glance it looks like there are real listed recipes, but there is NO content on the site, it is entirely ad space.

When you can effectively capture the attention of your audience, give them a unique perspective, and really speak to their inner needs and desires, then you will be able to gain trust and make sales.
If you sign up using a referral link (for example, a link from my website) that referral will get 50% and WA will get the rest.
For example, if they were promoting fitness trackers or equipment from Amazon, it would be a payment from Amazon.
I have been looking for something I can do to supplement my income and hopefully pay of some bills and maybe one day retire from my present job and still have some income coming in. Unfortunately you do only have the first 7 days to communicate with other members, but you still have access to all the training and your webites past those 7 days. I am from Egypt, so you can imagine how hard it is for me to understand, better yet, get started in an online business. But I can tell you that it’s absolutely worth the investment if you are at all interested.
My official answer is that I would discuss it with a certified tax professional once you get to the point where you start making any type of income to worry about taxing. The training can work with whatever your interests are and what you want to create a website about, it is up to you to apply that training to put your idea to action.
Fortunately Google has done a lot to rid most of the complete trashy stuff out of search, but it still exists for sure…it’s hard to police it 100%!
There are so many people out there asking questions and looking for answers that they can trust in so many different fields.
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Everything is already taken care of by the seller and you simply earn commission by recommending others’ products.
Why would huge multi-billion dollar corporations offer affiliate programs if it didn’t work?
The company gets a sale, the affiliate gets a commission, and the buyer is happy because they find what they’re looking for. Especially if you’re searching for a solution to a problem or considering buying a product or service. If you were to visit the site and take a close look, you’d realize they are using affiliate marketing. The narrower your focus with affiliate marketing, the more engaged your audience and the easier time you’ll have gaining their trust. You probably do a little bit of research beforehand, and a lot of times you may do such research online. The reality is that most of these programs will just take your money and set you up for failure.

When you focus on helping your audience rather than just trying to make a sale, that is when you will be successful. One last question, Does WA help you find affiliates for your website (using “your” in a generic sense)?
I have a full time job ( making less than $25k a year) and my husband is disabled so you can see why I am interested in supplementing income. Due to my lack of experience in this field, i have been tricked and ripped off so many times that i lost trust in any online schemes. If you have any particular questions about websites or any ideas you want to discuss, let me know! I have a web design and SEO background and was actually a bit offended by one of the Affiliate Marketing programs I found where they were trying to trick the system. I’m sure this will help a lot of people gain new insight about affiliate marketing and all the possibilities that are out there. These are deceptive sites that are set up very similar to large sale sites like Amazon, but if you actually try to buy something from within the site you’ll just be redirected to another site.
I created this website to debunk internet scams, give tutorials, share tips and tricks and give advice I’ve learned along the way. However, i got by me mere chance to see a glimpse of wealthy affiliates, and the problem i have is that, because i am not a US resident, i am not allowed to try the service for free like what you were saying in a previous blog.. You’ll need to keep monthly records of income and all business expenses so you have the information for your taxes. As a web developer, that’s just making the internet trashy when people create scammy websites. All you need is to capture the interest of a narrow segment of those people and you’ll have enough business to sustain for a lifetime. Learning how to navigate the internet when it comes to making money online can be scary, but check out my #1 recommendation and get started today!
I must pay the membership (either monthly or annually) beforehand in order to get access to the material inside and the personal coaching. You don’t have to create a seperate business ID if you dont want to, or at least not until you start making enough for it to make sense for tax purposes.
Can you still PM other members after the 7 days if you don’t upgrade your membership ?

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