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OverviewOne of the fastest and most effective ways to housebreak your puppy is to crate-train him, according to Perfect Paws. Step 1Purchase a sturdy crate for your puppy that is just big enough to allow him to stand and turn around. Bullieowner, if you puppy crys every 3 hours yes eventually you'll get more sleep but for first few weeks its going to be restless.
Ok this is night number 1 with our 7 week old German Shepherd and I have no idea what to do.
I have a 3 month old australian shepherd puppy and when we put him in his crate around 10, he cries so loud and then urinates in his crate. A lot of problems on here seem to be with puppies toileting in there crates - which instinctively they will not do! I noticed there's a ton of people asking for advise on here, but not getting any answers. I've got a 16 week old yorkie who we trained with the Potty Training Puppy Apartment (a two room crate) and is now 99% potty trained with only tiny wee accidents occasionally. I had to leave my new puppy in her new crate for and hour before she was crate trained- it was an emergency!
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By clicking 1 Click Bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. Crate training forces your puppy to restrain himself and eliminate in the right time and place, and it helps him strengthen his bladder and bowels so he can exercise intentional control.
Cushion it with sturdy but soft towels or old sheets.Step 2Teach your puppy to love his crate. Yes the pups are gonna cry and have fits at first when put in the crate, but they WILL get used to it. But leaving a puppy in a crate too long ends up the puppy only being able to eliminate in the crate. Trying to crate train her and then eventually teach her to use the doggy door possibly with crate opening up to doggy door. If you've allowed your dog to toilet in there crate previously then this is why they keep doing it, also if you leave your puppy in there too long then it will happen! We have an 8 week old puppy and a crate which he has slept in through the day with the door open.
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Give it a name like "place." During the day, teach him that when he goes inside his crate he gets a treat.
I have been crate training and sleeping when she does, and just about fully potty trained and crate trained as well.

The best thing to do is if you are ever leaving your puppy alone for long periods is always put the crate in an area that can be gated off with a baby gate or something similiar. The only issue i'm facing with her is that she whines and cries all night long, leaving only about a 20 minute window for me to sleep before she begins to cry again. I have had him since he was 3 weeks old due to rejection from the mother, so i have been bottle feeding him.
You can gradually build the number of hours your dog can stay in the crate to 6 hours maximum (on the rare occasion when absolutely unavoidable), but this process occurs at a rate of one hour per month - a 2 month old puppy must have a break after 2 hours.
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Keep a safe chew toy inside.Step 3Take your puppy outside to relieve himself right before bedtime. We are crate training him, but at night, we have been leaving the crate open since he can't hold it in all night and he goes to the bathroom in the kitchen, so while we can sleep 7-8 hours, we wake up to kitchen poops and pittles. And if he goes potty in house your are just say yeah its okay potty everywhere in long run wouldnt be good so need to train him to potty outside not in!! I'm wondering is this could be due to that because she is so young, she sleeps continuously in vaious places besides her crate thoughout the day. He is my first puppy and we also have a cat so if anyone can give me tips on how to introduce them? If puppy is whining to come out at night to be with you and you let him then your setting yourself up for disaster - he will pick up quickly that if he whines then he will be let out.
Give him enough time to urinate and defecate---at least 10 minutes.Step 4Keep the crate near your bed or at least near your bedroom. The only thing I can think of is to sleep in the next room to him, crate him at night, and let him out when he cries to go the potty.
Days you are home you can teach him to take naps in crate which help train him to learn that it is thier bed !! I am thinking that her crying is simply due to the fact that she would rather sleep elsewhere because she sleeps soundly in her bed. At night he is asleep when we put him in and he wakes up an hour later and just cries consistently. You know your dog - watch for signs of distress and do your best to relieve his problem before he makes a mistake. Your puppy might need to go outside in the middle of the night---at least for the first few weeks.
This is brutal for late-sleepers like me, but I can't think of a better way to crate train properly at night and thus get him to potty-train as quickly as possible. How do I know that his crying is to be let out to eliminate versus "I want out of here and to be with you?" Help! If you get the crate and a gated off area, keep the door open, put down some papers to make clean up easy, but never reward or praise a dog if they do soil on the papers otherwise they feel that's where they need to use the bathroom at.
I have done as this suggests, by rewarding and making it a comfortable place for her, and taking her out to relieve herself regularly.
Could this be caused from letting him pee in it when i first got him b.c he was to young to be taken outside. She wont soil in her crate I think mainly because I'm up every 2 hrs taking her outside then play then kennel. Remember - sometimes you have those days, too, when you have to go much more often than usual.

I have been told that a dog will not pee or poop where is sleeps so does that mean i am doing something wrong? Put things in his crate like toys he likes and also those toys with holes in that you can put treats in are really good as they keep your puppy entertained.
I will also tell you that this has only been her 2nd night with us so far, so that could also be why she is whining so much. Sticky consistency treats are good as they last longer then solid treats that may fall out and are easier to get. For the first few nights, your puppy might cry because he wants to be with you, but resist the temptation to give in. Puppies who repeatably soil in their crate will eventually not be able to be crated at all because it thinks the crate is where it needs to go to the bathroom at. Do limit how much is in there at night time though, But should be ok if you get up at least once to let him out. Allowing him to sleep outside the crate prolongs the training.Step 6Take him out early in the morning. It could become so confused that it will deliberately go into the crate to urinate or defecate.
Do NOT confuse the dog by praising it for urinating outside but then slap it's face or rub its nose in the urine inside when YOU the owner FAIL to notice that the dog needs to go to the bathroom. So last night or early morning I couldn't take it anymore and just let her sleep in bed with me and to my surprise I got 4 hours of silence and sleep. Also, seeking a professional trainer may be the last resort if you stuck to all the steps and still no results. This is considered a reverse housebreaking where it thinks the crate is where it needs to go to the bathroom or even inside the house. There are plenty of obvious signs, watch your dog and make a list of habbits, record times for when your puppy ate and then at what time it went to the bathroom, you'll learn how long it's bladder can hold urine before it either makes a mess inside or you escort it out--you should aim to escort it outside always PRIOR to the time when it needs to go! Be sensitive to your puppy's needs and forgo sleeping late for a while.Step 7Praise your puppy when he enters his crate, when he leaves it and when he relieves himself outside. If it continues like this the best way to do it if you are home watch your puppy very closely once you see it squat make a loud noice like stamp your foot or make excited vocal sounds. Remember a pup is no different than a baby, it takes time, patience and sacrifice in the beginning.
That will stop the puppy long enough for you to scoop it up and take it outside to do it's business.
Since she is still so young my plan is to throughout the day kennel train her to take her naps there.
I've tried twice today with success but the 3rd time after potty then play she fell asleep on the couch I woke her up and enticed her with a treat to enter her kennel she did but soon as I closed that door and stepped away it was back to the whining.
But like I said ALWAYS keep the crate door open and the crate and puppy in a secure, enclosed room before leaving for extended periods.

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