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Our philosophy is to design, manufacture and install unique soft contained playground attractions that offer superior value through return on assets, superior footprint - capacity characteristics, use of modular softplay designs, and create indoor playsystems, kiddie rides and electric trackless trains that support “green results and healthy lifestyles”. We control the entire playground equipment supply chain which brings your organization the best overall value (cost, quality, installation time) in the soft contained play system industry.
KidSteam prides itself on designing unique interactive soft play events and kiddie rides that can be incorporated into your indoor playground or family entertainment venue.
We have our own indoor playground engineers, soft play designs, and soft contained playground manufacturing.
Established in 1983, Ideal Software Systems is a progressive technology company with a legacy of providing quality integrated hardware and software management systems and support to the amusement, family entertainment and financial markets. Every one of the ideas I listed above has actually been made into an amazing birthday cake.
At the end of this article I’ll show you where you can find more amazing birthday cakes and recipes. Castle cake, train cake or a xylophone cake are just of few of the amazing kid birthday cakes you can create to really wow your birthday child and all their party guests.

The more information you provide the better we can respond with a specific design that meets your requirements. We are the only US based indoor play system business that designs soft play systems, manufactures and installs interactive children’s indoor playsystems and attractions worldwide. We produce and incorporate unique products such as our kid-powered train ride, electric trackless trains and our unique low maintenance foam ball shooters. We control quality through the use of detailed soft play specifications, indoor playground manufacturing processes, and 3rd party softplay testing of raw material inputs. Ideal Software Systems provides a comprehensive suite of integrated point-of-sale and e-commerce solutions, including inventory control, restaurant operations, customer database, redemption management, party management, cashless, access control and more, as well as hosted solutions for online ticketing, reservations and retail sales.
Is your child a budding young artist, or does your child really enjoy music, skateboarding or fashion? We control soft play design, indoor play system production, logistics and installation of your indoor playground. Many of these unique attractions have been spotlighted on the Disney Channel and HGTV in the US.

Artist’s Palette Cake Bowling Lane Cake Bowling Ball Cake Castle Cake Pizza Birthday Cake Xylophone Cake Fish Bowl Birthday Cake Skateboard Cake Train Cake Mommy Cat and Kitten Cake Little Deuce Coupe Cake Race Track Cake Lady Bug Cake Butterfly Birthday Cake Kid Birthday Cakes Every one of the ideas I listed above has actually been made into an amazing birthday cake.
We warehouse soft play components in the USA and Asia to allow for quick delivery and installation of our indoor playgrounds wherever you are located. We design and manufacture soft play components to meet applicable industry and country safety standards.
Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to creating a cake for your child’s birthday. We use USA based indoor playgroundinstallation teams to ensure compliance to applicable US and European safety standards for softplay systems.
We truly believe that the parents, friends and family will feel that A Kids Entertainment Co.

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