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One of the benefits that a puppy receives by staying in the litter until 8 weeks (assuming the breeder is doing their job), in addition to bite inhibition, is learning how to communicate with their litter mates. Some dogs never learned these signals because they were not given the opportunity to interact and learn how to communicate their intentions to other dogs or people. The intensity of behavior is triggered at what would normally be considered lower thresholds of play by the other dogs. The lesson here is don’t rough house with your puppy and make sure that your puppy gets an adequate amount of socialization with people, kids and other dogs.
Also, almost nothing can kill cuteness any more than finding excrement all around the house. Customarily, puppy potty training consisted of layers of newspaper along with a rolled up magazine.
Utilizing pads remains relatively simple, but there are actually some basic guidelines to follow.
Crate train and potty train your puppy early to avoid major mess in the house as they grow older.
If you catch them after they have done the their duty, there is no point in showing that you are displeased as the puppy will not make the connection. As they develop into adolescent pups and begin to interact with other dogs and puppies in the real world, they are unable to play normally. This type of aggression may inadvertently also be directed at humans who begin to play with the dog.
If you're serious, then you must read this revealing information that will save time and money in choosing your next Labrador dog. You are now the proud owner of a Labrador puppy, and likely have many questions about what to do next.

EARLY socialization is VITAL to puppies because it sets the foundation for REST OF THEIR LIVES. No matter whether they are napping or playing, it’s difficult to see a puppy and not really want one.
In the event the puppy defecated in an improper place, the owner would make use of the rolled up magazine and hit the dog on their nose, all while shouting. Save the treats for later on in life, since spoiling the puppy early on will eliminate the value of treats for a motivational teaching tool. Here I want to share with you, some of the Labrador Retriever training tips I follow myself. There’s no limit to what you can do with your Labrador Retriever.  Or, you can simply enjoy your dog as a well-trained family companion.
It is normal for your puppy to cry the first few days of crate training but do not give into them. Also be aware that a puppy will need to potty after meals and after they are awake from a good sleep, it will be easier on you if you set them on a schedule. Hope you enjoyed reading my Labrador Retriever training tips, please be sure to comment and give us your feedback. These signals, when used while playing, allow dogs to communicate with each other and to keep play at a reasonable and tolerable level and most of all fun for all. Humans, by rough housing with their puppy too much, can accidentally increase the intensity of the play to a boiling point and the aggression begins. After you train your dog and get them on an internal schedule, you won’t have to go back and reteach these habits. Always use positive reinforcement when training Labs, they are a sensitive breed and any negative energy will throw off their trust in you.

Potty training is easy for this breed as they are very intelligent and knows when you are unhappy. These dogs begin to ignore all clear signals from their playmates, that would normally keep the play at a fun level.
It is sometimes very difficult to tell the difference between play aggression and what is thought to be rough play. When we see rough play in very young puppies, there is a greater chance that some of these puppies will develop escalated behavior (aggression) as they mature.
In addition, younger dogs are easily impressionable and borderline abuse is something a dog can, and will remember forever.
There will be accidents, and if you have an expensive carpet or other furniture, you’re likely asking for it to get ruined. If the Lab puppy have an accident inside, be sure to catch them in the act and show that you are displeased with a stern tone and immediately take them outside.
Best Duck Hunting Dogs, Duck Hunting Dog BreedsDuck hunting is one of the most ancient game trips in the whole world. These pads allow for very easy clean up, as urine and liquid wastes are absorbed into the pad itself. Additionally, these pads should be in a spot that provides the puppy a sense of comfort, security and safety.
It might take a few times for them to completely eliminate the behavior, the key is to catch them in the act!

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