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While dogs make excellent pets, they need to be properly trained to ensure they remain docile and behave themselves.
Training a Labrador is fun, but spending time with a Chesapeake Bay retriever will make you realise that dog training requires a lot of patience. If you started training when the dog was a puppy, by the time it is an adult and weighs around 80 pounds it will have learned to respond to your commands. Conditioning works best with dogs and you need to be consistent and devoted in the training process to make sure the dog realizes the importance of your commands. A  Chesapeake Bay retriever cannot be left untrained, so if you plan to keep this dog as a pet, you will need to take the responsibility for its training.
A properly trained Chesapeake Bay retriever has the ability of becoming a hunting dog, and can also compete in dog shows. The “sit” command is not only one of the easiest and most enjoyable commands to begin teaching your pet but is essential for the safety of your puppy. This is important because the sameness and predictability will make your dog feel secure and confident. It goes without saying that you will need to repeat often in order for your dog to “get it.” I suggest working in 10 minute units of time. I was first introduced to the joys of owning a dog, well, since as early as I can remember.
For example, a chihuahua will be taught to be housebroken in the same way a great dane will be. I eventually began to lend my services on a part-time basis to a local pet shop that offered animal training courses, which allowed me to look at training animals in a much different light, since the owners had already adopted their pets and I was able to meet them (and their dogs) in person.
Again, surrendering a dog because you have not been able to train it effectively is often unnecessary. And I recommend you read several of my blog entries, even though they may not deal with the breed you’ve adopted.
Unlike men they first feel the other being and then establish a contact with smiles and care. Both of them just existed in harmony and one did what the other needed, nothing more, nothing less.
Walking an untrained adult Chesapeake Bay retriever will be a problem if you have not leash-trained it.

These dogs have a dominant personality, meaning that they will not obey you if there aren’t any rules in front of them. These dogs can also be trained to sniff drugs and have proven their effectiveness in this field. This command saves dogs lives every day by preventing them from hurling themselves obliviously into traffic and certain death. When training a puppy or any other dog, always be prepared to repeat a routine or step many times just as if each time were the first. Later, as your dog gets more training experience, you may want to increase this to 15 minutes, though I wouldn’t recommend going beyond 15 minute training sessions for this single command.
If you’re reading this, then you either have done so already or are seriously considering doing so. When you have a well-trained and well-behaved puppy in the home, you’ll find that adopting a puppy is much more rewarding and enjoyable. My parents had owned a German shepherd that was truly a loving and majestic pet — it was downright magical how well it listened and behaved.
The previous owner had surrendered the dog to the pound (shelters were called “dog pounds” in those days, remember?) because it just would not stop barking.
This dog didn’t stop barking… until my dad broke it out of its habit relatively quickly.
The most insightful thing I learned was that despite all the different breeds of dogs, there were many similarities between them in terms of how they needed to be trained. The approach might be different due to the nuances of the various breeds, however — because some breeds can be WAY MORE stubborn than others. In today’s extremely troubling economic times, it is much, much harder for dogs and cats to find a home.
Each and every breed is different, so there will be many different approaches to training these dogs — but of course, as previously mentioned, there are still baseline similarities among the breeds which will help to make things easier.
Learning about different breeds can open scores of doors of insights into how dogs are trained.
With the right insights and knowledge, you’ll find that you can likely train any puppy or dog within a reasonable timeframe, provided you put forth the right amount of effort. For a Chesapeake Bay retriever, you need to train it as a young puppy which lays the foundation for future obedience.

Teaching the command is also a fun way for you and your new dog to get to know each other; please be sure to do it well.
Always be patient, gentle and of course generous with praise and follow good behaviour with an occasional treat.
As your puppy begins to catch on, you will be able to gradually replace treats with praise. The way this works is that when you say, “sit,” you gently tug upward with leash and gently push down on the dog’s hind end. All the photos on this website, including the giant jack russell terrier on top of this page, were taken by me.
The problem really was not with the dog as much as it was with the previous owner’s lack of understanding about what was needed to train the dog effectively. The reason for this is many people just are not able to afford to care for their pets anymore and have to surrender them.
Such insights can be easily transferable to your own experiences with training your new pet.
The Chesapeake Bay retriever is a slow learner so it is important to teach the puppy simple commands to sit, stay, and come. I learned a lot about how to train puppies and dogs from my dad, and later would go on to expand my knowledge of the subject as a volunteer at the local animal shelter.
You dog will try to watch the treat, and as it follows the motion over its head, it will naturally lower its rear end into a sitting position.
Expect to take approximately 2 weeks in order for your dog to start reliably obeying the command.
As the dog assumes the correct position, you utter the command “sit,” and offer a piece of kibble as a reward. If you have a young puppy, consider several sessions of 5 to 10 minutes throughout the day.

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