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The Beagle is a dog with hunter ancestory, but which has become a perfect breed and coveted as a pet, both due to activity and play and for its friendly bark.
So that your dog Beagle is receptive, he must be well cared for and have the basic care covered. You should bear in mind that the dog is a pack dog and it must understand that you're the boss. Because of its great instinctive smell, it is a dog that is easily distracted, but that does not deter your education with him. This is a great video for you those of you who need a refresher or introduction to puppy training!
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If you plan to have a Pet beagle or already have one at home, you will certainly be interested in how to educate them for an even better coexistence.

Find out everything you can about this breed, because to raise a Beagle you must first understand what this breed is like as it was a hunting animal with herds and hierarchy. Food, fresh water, vaccines, good health, lots and lots of love are essential to keeping your dog happy. We invite you to take your pet to a vet if it has any type of condition or discomfort.If you'd like to read similar articles to how to House Train a Beagle Puppy,we recommend you try our The dog category. When it shows good behavior, you must reward him with the word "good" or a positive word you prefer so that he understands what you expect of him.
But if he does something that is wrong, never be aggressive with him, simply show your disapproval with a resounding no.
A pat or a treat can also be considered rewards.Make sure you learn when your dog is ready to do its business so you can identify the signals and prepare for a walk.
Also at this time it is easier for the dog to learn what you approve and disapprove of.The recommended amount of walks for your beagle puppy is quite frequent, every two to three hours, especially before meals.

Firm and forceful.It's vitally important to show your dog not to bite, though during their first year of life they'll be biting because their teeth are growing it's important to also train your puppy not to bite. Also make sure you always take it to the same place so the dog relates the place to going to the toilet.
Take into account beagles feel better outside than in closed areas, so if you have a garden, it will prefer this environment than being locked indoors.

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