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If you follow the simple, step-by-step guidelines on this page you'll be able to avoid the majority of accidental or misplaced 'puddles and piles'. House-training begins the minute you bring your 'baby' home, so being prepared beforehand is always recommended.
When you're beginning to housebreak your puppy, NEVER leave your him to run around the house unsupervised. This video covers just about all the stuff I've mentioned above and will help you remember it all.The speaker has a fairly slow and relaxed delivery, but the information is definitely worth taking a couple of minutes to listen to.
As you've probably realized by now, house training demands a lot of your time (and patience), and a pup who is left to his own devices won't learn the right potty habits.So, what do you do if you have to be at work, or at school, for 8 hours a day?
If at all possible I'd always recommend crate training puppies, it's truly the easiest, quickest and least-messy option. Although there are a whole host of dog urine cleaning products on the market today, some are better than others.

You can find a full list of the ones that I personally recommend on my Dog Urine Cleaning Products page. Puppy Parasites - What You Need To Know May 21, 16 09:10 PMPuppy parasites can make your little one miserable, and pose a serious risk to his health.
Your Dog Friendly Vacation Guide May 21, 16 10:00 AMPlanning on taking Fido or Fifi with you on vacation this year? Fostering Pitbulls - It's a Win-Win May 17, 16 09:00 AMThis article is so heartwarming!
If you're wondering what happened to your sweet baby puppy, the answer is probably 'adolescence'.
He may look guilty, but it's not because he knows he did wrong, it's because he can feel that you're angry and upset and that scares him. Is it possible to potty train your pup in this situation, or do you have to resign yourself to piles and puddles in the house or relegate poor Fido to the back yard?

A playpen is better though because it's a smaller, more confined space and your pup is less likely to think that any room is a suitable potty place.
By about 12 - 15 weeks most puppies have outgrown the need to go out during the night, but those early weeks can seem like a l-o-n-g time when you're sleep deprived.However exhausting it is you NEED to make sure when your pup cries to go outdoors at night, that you take him out! Keeping him in his playpen will protect the rest of your home and carpets and with time and repetition he'll come to understand that the pads are an 'allowed potty spot'.This puppy housetraining method can also be used if you live in an apartment, or a home that doesn't have a fenced yard, or if you have mobility issues that make it difficult to get a puppy outdoors quickly.

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