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Great book for bedtime (or naptime, too!) ┬áIf your child is into the names and details of big construction machinery, they will love this. Richard Scarry is one of our favorites, and I love this little board book for alphabet and cars and trucks info. December 15, 2010 by Keriannot This 28 piece Play n’Go Train Set by Mega Bloks marries two fabulous concepts for the one year old child: trains and farms!
I love the look of the very clean, minimalist nurseries that are featured on so many design sites these days. Because toddler boy (like most little boys) loves Lightening McQueen and Thomas the Train, we have embraced this with framed movie posters and a train table. During this transition, the walls will get a fresh coat of paint, the new bed will have new linens, and there will almost certainly be a new furniture arrangement.
Until then, we’ll be discovering how this room functions in order to make sound design decisions. As an appreciation to the guests, you can build a mock steam engine out of cardboard, with a cut-out for the coal. We have many books about various subjects; but, he happens to LOVE books about trains, planes, tractors, and anything that goes. The animal characters are illustrated in just a delightful, and, of course, the blue truck is cute as he moves through the book. Goodnight Moon is a very integral part of our nightly reading time, and, as much as we love it, I know that this will be just as endearing.

This motorized train will follow the round, green, track carrying on board a farmer, cow and sheep. We will, however, resist the temptation to let cartoon characters explode all over his room. We are fast approaching a tearful good-bye to the crib and changing table that have served both my cherubs. Even the example you shared, I LOVE the look but really, how can a child get to any of the books at the top? I’am trying to get all of Sadie’s toys organized, so today I took a little trip to Target! Organizing this kind of party can be very simple and some of the considerations include the party invitations, decoration, party menu, party games, as well as the party favors. We have calmed the clutter with a large bookcase and made a point to put books and his most sought-after toys within reach.
I like the idea of using the toys as part of the decorating but it still needs to be within easy reach, you know? Gather small novelty train items to use as door prizes and favors to keep everyone engaged throughout the party. Draw frosting train tracks on the cake and decorate it with toy train signs, traffic lights and toy trains on the tracks. Train whistles, conductor hats and bandannas can be given out at the door so everyone can dress the part.

Cut out the shapes of stop signs, yield signs and crossing signs, and paint and then staple them onto dowels. You can also make three round cakes and a loaf cake, decorating each round cake in a shade of red, yellow or green outlined in gray and the loaf in gray.
This room design doesn’t deny or hide the stuff that comes with children, but embraces it and uses it as part of the design while managing to do so in an incredibly beautiful way. Serve toddler friendly finger foods such as carrot sticks, apple slices and grapes along with sandwiches cut into train shapes with a cookie cutter.
Be sure to add the guest’s name on each ticket and request that guests bring the tickets to the ticket booth on the day of the party. Include items such as a flannel shirt, train hat, bandanna, and oversized jeans or overalls.
Once all the items are on, they have to run over to a table in the center of the playing area and ring a bell.

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