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Firstly its important to choose the most appropriate litter and litter tray, some cats are not that fussy and will use whatever litter or tray you provide. Some cats like the seclusion and safety of retiring into a covered tray, while others don’t like them at all. Please don’t think by purchasing a covered litter tray since it contains smells, you can get away with changing the cat litter less often. Whatever type of cat litter tray you choose, it should be deep enough for your cat to bury what he eliminates without overwhelming him so you should opt for a shallow one for kittens and a deeper one for adult cats. In addition to a cat litter tray, you are going to need a scoop you should purchase two of these one being a slotted cat litter scoop which allows litter to fall through but not cat mess and also a non slotted type to remove clumps of wet litter. Use cat litter tray liners such as Bob martin these enable hygienic disposable of used cat litter, as they are placed into the tray first them cat litter is placed on top and then once you need to change it. A good pet litter tray disinfectant should be purchased to clean out the tray thoroughly once a week to avoid unwanted smells. Finding the right place for the litter tray is half the battle, you can have the best litter tray and the finest cat litter, but if its in the wrong place then your cat will find its own toileting area. Every home is different, so its sometimes difficult to make a pronouncement as to where you should place the litter tray, ine persons utility room maybe a haven of quiet and tranquility where as another persons utility room may be as busy as Kings cross at home time.
You also can’t have enough litter trays, one upstairs and one downstairs is an ideal option for say a kitten or an older cat that maybe a little arthritic, three litter trays distributed throughout the house for two cats, four for three cats, and so on. In 99.9 percent of cases, if you have the correct trays, the correct litter and the right location, your feline friend will work it our for themselves. With a clean cat litter tray and fresh litter, put your kitten in the tray and then dig with your hand.
If your cat or kitten is of a nervous disposition, however, it may not be wise to interfere.
With new cats it is recommended that they are kept in a small quiet room first, while they settle in to their new surroundings. Don’t go overboard as if your cat considers the tray to be dirty then your cat will be reluctant to use it, you should thoroughly disinfect the area they had their accident so that your cat does not toilet there again.

It is rare for intervention to be necessary – even with feral kittens who may have been separated from mum at an early age, Toileting really is instinctive. We will be covering more on the subject of cat training in future blog posts so be sure to check back soon, in the meantime why not take a look at out cat hygiene and litter products. Now we at the Bathroomguru Review are always on the lookout for new and innovative products for the bathroom and sometimes we get lucky and find one that is not only interesting but amazing as well.
They would without fail remind me of the error of my ways by leaving me little reminders in my dirty laundry or potted plants, a rather unpleasant reminder to say the least. I must admit, I was skeptical at first and thought this was some kind of joke, that is, until I saw the logic behind the training. Like most things in life there is no guarantee but the author does state that there are different training methods for different types of cats and it does state it will help you determine the best and quickest method to train your cat.
Some are incredibly choosy, and will only use the finest-grain varieties and may show a preference to a particular type of tray. The kittens breeder, or the recuse shelter where the cat or kitten came from can tell you which one to buy. Some covered cat litter trays have filters in the lid for odour control, flaps at the front for access, and there are even self-cleaning varieties! It may be a good idea to start with a standard one for training and upgrade later if your cats needs an covered version (for example if you have more then one cat, and they like ambushing each other!).
Cats are very clean animals and don’t like using dirty litter, and you will soon find little accidents elsewhere in your house if you cut corners when it comes to cleaning out the tray. The cat litter tray should be filled between one-third to one-half of the depth depending on your cat. You can simply gather and tie the edges of the tray liner and throw away, saving a lot of mess. In the wild, a cat is vulnerable to predators when toileting, so to have the tray in the middle of the room in not only impractical for you but unnerving for your cat. There is little point in holding your cats paw and encouraging them to dig – it will probably spook your cat.

Your cat will more likely want to toilet as these times, so you may pre-empt any accidents. This room should contain the litter tray, with few distractions and with the tray within easy reach it would certainly be unusual for a kitten to not use it. Not to worry you dog lovers, we will eventually find something for your niches as well, just be patient. Now according to the author of this amazing eBook you too can Train-Your-Cat-To-Use-The-Human-Toilet! My response to that is, have you looked at your kitty litter bill lately, let alone added it up for a whole year.
You are probably asking yourself sure it may have worked for those cats but mine thinks it owns the place, can Train-Your-Cat-To-Use-The-Human-Toilet! This eBook not only teaches you which methods to use but also how to overcome any resistance your cat may have to changing its bad habits. It should be noted that covered cat litter trays, should be avoided if your cat has an respiratory disorder such as asthma.
Arthritic oldies would benefit from a shallow litter tray which is uncovered so that it is easy for them to get out of, old cats won’t appreciate feeling unstable if they are knee deep in cat litter and struggle to get out! Now I used to own two cats myself and I know how finicky they can sometimes get when you are not diligent enough to keep their litter box clean in a timely fashion.
If the cat is reluctant to use the litter, then opt for a premium quality small grain litter, which is going to be comfortable to stand on and to dig.

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