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The GSD's high intelligence, strong athletic physique and silky smooth movement has seen the breed excel at all kinds of duties. Unfortunately the quick growth in popularity of the German Shepherd has led to dogs of widely varying temperaments. To give yourself every chance of bringing a well balanced, good natured GSD into your life it's imperative to find a reputable German Shepherd breeder. The other factors which will come into play when shaping the temperament and character of your dog are your ability to provide proper puppy socialization and German Shepherd training.
As stated above, a reputable German Shepherd Breeder is real asset when finding your lifelong friend. Some problems you should at least be aware of are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and shoulder problems. German Shepherds grow to be big, strong dogs who can be fairly stubborn and will display dominance if allowed to get away with it. German Shepherds love the challenge and mental stimulation they receive from obedience training. German shepherd dogs are popular for several reasons – their distinctive appearance, their reliability and their suitability for families.
It’s no wonder that German shepherds are so popular – apart from their distinctive appearance, they are also considered to be among the easiest breed of dog to train. White German shepherds are also well known for their loyalty and devotion – it isn’t unusual for them to form a strong bond with a trainer or handler. Because the are so easy to train, German shepherds are widely used around the world for various tasks.
Apart from their suitability for law enforcement, German shepherds are used in other lines of work. However, training a dog can be time consuming, frustrating and hard work – you will need to have patience and a routine. A dog is a lifelong commitment.  Begin your training early and you have a better chance of avoiding problems in later life. Remember, you are giving your puppy commands and instructions and not becoming angry or impatient with him – with practice, your training will be easy and effective for both of you.
Socializing your puppy correctly can take time and patience – but the end results are well worth it and you will understand why white German shepherds are such a delight to own and train. You may want to deliberately walk where you may encounter other dog walkers – or even arrange for a friend to walk their dog at the same time. With a little patience, your puppy will soon master these basic commands – making for a better relationship between the two of you.
Puppies can be lively and playful and you may not find this training easy.  Persevere and the end result will be well worth it. Most puppies will learn this fairly easily and quickly, although with other aspects of training, it depends on the animal and how much time you can devote to it.  German shepherds are not generally selectively bred for retrieving, although they can easily be trained.
With a little bit of perseverance, you’ll find that your puppy is comfortable with his leash – after all, most puppies usually love to have their leash put on as it means they are going outside! All dog owners are going to have a problem with unwanted barking or howling at some point – although German shepherds are easier in this respect than many other dog breeds.  In fact, a lot of German shepherd owners firmly maintain that their dog only barks when absolutely necessary!
Training your puppy to interact effectively with people can be hard work – fortunately you have one of the friendliest breeds that there is. Fortunately, German shepherds are well known for their ability to get on well with most other animals – so you should have no serious problems achieving a peaceful environment for all your pets!
Once you have your new puppy home, one of your most important considerations will be house training your puppy. There are certain signs that your puppy may need the bathroom – after a while, you will be able to spot them and anticipate. If your dog urinates in the house when left alone, this is actually a form of separation anxiety. If your dog goes to the bathroom indoors, rather than out, make sure you are taking him outside as often as he needs. House training may not be the most glamorous aspect of training your puppy – but as most of us would point out, it is one of the most important. A fear biting dog also often suffers from low self esteem, is often nervous or apprehensive and can frequently cower when introduced to strangers.  You may need to get a professional to help train your dog to overcome fear biting, but there are some steps you can take. German shepherd dog breed information - vetstreet, German shepherd temperament and personality. German shepherd dog forums, Welcome to the official home of the german shepherd dog, a dog respected and admired throughout the world for its versatility, loyalty and intelligence.. German shepherd dog faq: frequently asked questions about gsd, Here are the frequently asked questions about german shepherd dog breed. How to use a dog clicker to train your german shepherd, Training your german shepherd is all about communication. German shepherd obedience training - k9 advisors dog, German shepherd obedience training how to conduct effective german shepherd obedience training. Georgia k9 ntc the best dog obedience training and service, Georgia k9 ntc is the best dog obedience training and service dog german shepherds; training videos. A puppy is considered the cutest thing in the entire world, but when it’s an issue, you need to stop puppy biting as quickly as possible. In fact, most German Shepherd puppies learn how to stop biting when they are still very young. If you are taking home a puppy that is less than eight weeks old or that simply did not learn not to nip and bite on your fingers prior to getting it, you need to take quick action to stop the biting behaviour.
To actually stop German Shepherd puppy biting, you have to address the source of the behaviour. Click Here to Discover The Best Solution For STOPPING Your German Shepherd’s Biting Problems FOR GOOD!
Early, when you attempt to stop German Shepherd puppy biting, redirect the behaviour to something constructive such as a chew toy or bone. Training to prevent German Shepherd puppy biting is a very important part of the relocation process, particularly if your pup is rather young. We can thank Captain Max Von Stephanitz for developing this fantastic breed, which has spread to all parts of the globe in recent years. German Shepherds are trained and considered invaluable in such jobs as seeing eye dogs, police work, search and rescue, herding, protection, bomb and drug detection and as guard dogs. When provided adequate puppy socialization, regular exercise and some specific German Shepherd training they make brilliant household companions.
The breed is intelligent, observant, self assured, loyal, courageous, protective and eager to please. Your German Shepherd Puppy will need to be exposed to all types of people, dogs, animals and experiences during the socialization period. With good management and responsible breeding many of these ailments have been eliminated or reduced.
GSD's are also prone to bloat (gastric torsion), degeneration of the spinal cord, haemophilia and numerous skin allergies.
They require a firm, consistent and always fair leader to guide them, and set them up for success.

From German Shepherd potty training right through to advanced obedience training your GSD will prove to be a great student. Alternatively you can discover all the latest german shepherd training techniques in this comprehensive training resource - Secrets Of A Professional Dog Trainer. As a German shepherd owner, you are in good company – other famous owners of German shepherd dogs including Bob Hope, Roy Rogers, President Roosevelt, and Sigmund Freud.
The breed had its beginnings in Austria in the 19th century when the Queen of Hapsburg reputedly wanted white dogs – to match both the white dresses and white horses used by the family. According to the American Kennel Association, in 2013, the breed was the second most popular in the United States – only the Labrador Retriever was more popular. Many breeders claim that they are one of the top three most trainable breeds, along with the Australian sheep dog and the Labrador retriever. And not surprisingly, entering them at dog shows and obedience competitions can be rewarding – German shepherds enjoy more than their fair share of success. In 1927, the first Seeing Eye dog was a German shepherd – today, the breed is still the most popular for the job. The task of training your puppy will be a lot easier if you begin the process at as early an age as possible – a younger puppy has generally not had the chance to learn too much negative or destructive behavior. As with most other aspects of puppy training, its best to begin as early as you can – expect the training to be complete only when your dog reaches six months old.
On average, a three month old puppy needs to urinate every three to four hours, while a puppy that is five months old urinates every four to five hours. A puppy should be taken outside several times a day – immediately after waking, and after eating or playing.
And if your dog goes in an approved spot in your yard or outside – leave the droppings there, if practical. Simply because they have a lot of brothers and sisters in their litter, they quickly learn anytime they bite, they get bitten back. To get this done, you should encourage them in any good behaviors and discourage any negative behaviors. Should you really want to stop puppy biting, you can’t grow soft or let the dog get away with anything. You can find actual bite inhibition classes where trainers will mimic the behaviours of your puppy’s mother, teaching it that bites are not socially acceptable.
Ideally, your puppy should realize that by the time they’re 10 weeks old, biting is not okay.
The German Shepherd has proven to be the most versatile of all dog breeds, they are basically good at just about anything! They also relish activities which stimulate their acute senses such as tracking, agility, flyball, endurance work, schutzhund and German Shepherd obedience training. This process should be started by your dog's breeder and then continued on when your young pup arrives home. It's also important to keep your German Shepherd's teeth and gums healthy - especially as they get older. German Shepherd training provides the ideal constructive outlet for all of your GSD's energy and focus. You'll find that time spent training your German Shepherd is the prime time where you will build and strengthen a strong lifelong bond with your dog.
This course is a very suitable choice for all of your German Shepherd care and training information. German shepherd dogs are the only dog breed to have the word “dog” as part of their official name. Switzerland has a large number of German shepherds in its police force – and in the UK, German shepherd dogs were regularly used by famous Scotland Yard up until the 1950s.
And the German shepherd is also a great choice for such tasks as herding sheep, pulling carts or acting as a watchdog. Nearly all dogs respond to house training fairly well – the German shepherd is one of the most receptive breeds.
Generally speaking, as a dog grows older, it can go that much longer before having to urinate.
One solution is to train your puppy to feel comfortable with his crate and to leave him there – the problem may go away after a few weeks or months. A soft whine or yip will inform the puppy that it has caused you pain, something it does not want to do. It’ll make the years in the future a lot less stressful and the chance of potential aggression the future much lower. They are happiest when included in all family activities like swimming, running, playing, walking through the forest or even just lazing on the couch.
German Shepherd training establishes the boundaries which will help your dog to be a reliable and well respected member of society.
Other than that, try to leave your dog alone as casually and with as little fuss as possible. The challenge then is that the mother doesn’t always get eight weeks to stop puppy biting. It teaches your dog to respond well with other dogs on the street and can reduce any aggression they reveal toward other dogs. German Shepherds are well known and much loved for the close bond they share with their family (for this reason separation anxiety can sometimes be a concern). She has great conformation, exceptional movement and is the happiest dog I have ever owned.
Her job as a therapy dog for an 83 yr old woman that had is stroke is one she takes very seriously.
We continually have Home Health therapists in daily and she greets each of them then quietly goes to her spot to watch everything that goes on. She accompanies me into the chicken coop and is great with the chickens as well as with her cat ( yes her cat that she found in a ditch). She passed her Herding Instinct testing at 5 months of age and now working on her Canine Good Citizen certification. I have owned and worked with many breeds of dogs and Arya is by far one of the most intelligent, willing and trainable. I would totally recommend PATCHWORK SHEPHERDS and have friends now that have bought puppies from here as well and all of them are as wonderful as Arya. A He said, "she is really a love," and described her gentleness and cuddling even from the get-go. A She is very playful with her 'brothers' (two older choc labs), but is extremely responsive to me and is my 'watcher.' A No matter where I am, she is A watching over me. A When we settle in the evening to watch a movie, she will quietly peruse the house, coming back to my side after she has checked everything out. A If she could, she would hop up on my lap and sit there, just as she did when she was a fuzz-ball pup! It was serendipity that brought you all the way over the mountains on Monday so we could get her!Also a couple of short videos if you're interested.
I was just getting to the serious stage ofshopping for a black coated GSD to raise for my own pet and protection dogwhen my nephew T.J.

BlackJack (Zoey x Drake 2009) is doing fine, being a good boy that loves to be around us (Right now he is under my desk sleeping at my feet).
We had many family gattering and other partys and he is always good around people in the house. When my kid gets around to it she will send you pictures, sorry Ia€™m not the computer savvy one.
Thank you again for Morgan, she is a gem, here is her 9 week picture (the ear did come down). I think he will excell, and it will be good for the boys to learn how to deal with him (other than play). We purchased Pruett (black collar male from Zoey x Doc August '08 litter) and were so thrilled with him that we had to get another!
A few weeks later we welcomed Daphne (hot pink collar female from Anna x Doc August '08 litter) into our lives. He quickly learns new commands and we are currently practicing, "seek", where we will tell him to "sit and stay" and then we go hide his ball and tell him to "seek" and he finds it. She loves to play in the snow!!She has been doing really well in the house, she is a very quick learner.
I know the "puppy stage" lasts for awhile, but if it continues to go as smoothly as it has been going, it will definitely be a breeze. She loves to play fetch and she is really good at it, which is surprising to me for her age. She is such a sweet puppy, she is always trying to make friends with all the animals she meets, most which unfortunately haven't been too fond of her. Miah is starting to be a little friendly, not much, but like I said, Tymber is a persistant little pup and I believe that eventually they will be pals.
We will be taking her on her second fishing trip tomorrow, which is always very exciting for us. She loves playing with any kind of plants and grass- we are hoping she grows out of that stage for our landscape's sake! Anywho, I just wanted to let you know what a great pup she is and how much Tyler and myself enjoy having her. He is everythingA I could have ever hoped for in a German Shepherd and I am really happy that I got him. Several people in our training class have commented on his lovely conformation as he trots across the room while playing with the other pups. He's a great dog!A Anyway, hope all is well in your part of the world and that you are enjoying the holiday season. Although I had some concerns on how Gracie would react, from the first walk that we did on the way home from Patchwork, she has been wonderful. Already they play together, with Gracie laying down so that she is on Argus' level, letting him crawl all over her.
He already knows his name, figured out how to negotiate the step up the deck, and how to run from me when he picks up something I don't want him to have. He follows us around from room to room and always sleeps next to us when we are in the room.
I do have a crate and have used it but not very much, mostly I just watch him and when I catch that certain look I just take him out and tell him to go potty. When I was in shop he would play under my bench and when he was tired he would sleep under my stool. He and Gracie had a good time exploring and finding just about every kind of poop there is out there.
Everyone that meets her is in awe of not only her beauty and structure, but even more so of her super sweet and willing disposition.A  I cannot say enough about her. She is very gentle, smart, intelligent, super athletic, and just wants to please and love everyone.A  She loves to crawl into our laps and pretend she is a tiny lap dog.
A His big brother Jackson and he are the best of buds, they have really bonded into something special! A Also, wea€™d like to thank you for letting us come out and see him when he was a puppy, and for giving us little updates on how he was doing when he was just a lila€™ guy.A  (10lbs when we picked him up to take him home seems little compared to the size he is now!
After working for a vet for more then 10 years my husband had to really talk me into getting a GSD. She has gone though a basic and advanced off leash obediance class and this comming year brings more fun with tracking and agility classes signed up.
We are now thinking of getting her a little brother and look forward to coming out to visit and meet more parents. He is adapting quickly to his new home on Orcas Island, WA A and after 3 days already knows his new name. We have had him for two days now and he has already learned his name, learned how to come when called, walks great on a leash, has learned the command "gentle" for when he takes things with his mouth, is completely potty trained and sleeps all night long in his crate with no problems. We have never seen such a loving, well behaved, intelligent puppy before and we feel so lucky that he is now a part of our family. John and I were so pleased to see the safety measures that you take prior to letting anyone be near or handle any of the puppies. Because of your loving care for your dogs we now have two of the greatest puppies that anyone could ever ask for in life! I am grateful for the time that we were able to spend with the puppies getting to know each and every one of them. You are wonderful about keeping everyone informed through your website just as you did while we were waiting to be able to take the Sebastian and Kasia home. We were also very impressed that you were so willing to let us come visit and you even encouraged us to do so.
We thoroughly appreciate that you allowed us to be a part of the puppies lives even before they were in their new home. Through your attentive behavior to each and every one of your puppies we new the silly things they did, what they liked to play with all the way down to their little itchy spot that they liked to have scratched.
Because of all your love and attention we have two beautiful, healthy puppies that we will get to love for years to come.A A Thank you so much for our beautiful puppies! A  I got hopeful when I found your pages, with your dog Penny, who reminded me so much of our Isis, who was a beautiful, athletic,and loving black and red blanket pattern longcoat. You DID say on your page that your goal was to find the right dog for people, right down to the color. The way you described the parents of different litters, and later the pups themselves, was exactly right.A  Patiently, you discussed all the little characteristics of each pup in a way that just about made up for our never being able to actually see the pups in person or hold them in our arms. Pashi learned every trick all of my other dogs know in one 10 minute session at age 11 weeks, and never forgot them.A  She and Itta (9 weeks) both sit at the door automatically now, better than any of our other dogs who have been working on it for ages.

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