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Before you teach your dog to follow your orders, you will certainly have the opportunity to take him for walks. Submissive urination is a dog training problem that I myself have dealt with for a long time. This is a good opportunity for you to uphold and teach the basic essential: to walk on a leash. My Pit Bull would pee a little on the floor every time someone new comes into the home and walks up to pet her. Basic Rules For Dog Training Behavior Dog TrainingBehavior Dog Training, Can Bad Dogs Change? Once you teach your dog to do something they won’t ever forget it and it makes your own life easier with your dog.
Dogs need a leader, if he or she does not see you as a leader he or she will take the lead and will not listen to you. If you ever have serious trouble with your pet, do not hesitate to call a veterinarian, behaviorist or a dog trainer.
Proper dog training will also teach your dog what is expected of them by their human owners.

Your dog is not disrespecting you by jumping up on you rather they are greeting you at your face. The idea is simple, keep your dog tied to something on a leash then kinda frustrate them with the toy by moving it back and forth.
It usually happens because your dog is super excited to see you, it could also happen because your dog is marking their territory. Passing your dog when leaving a room, entering a room before your dog and eating before your dog are few of the pack leader qualities that you need to have.
Don’t let your dog walk in front of you; pull in little jerks on the leash if he moves too fast. First establish that pack leader status with your dog then have someone else hold your dog on a leash while you approach them. The best way to avoid this problem is to ignore your dog and turn away from the dog for a while they settle. These are just examples of small things that will make it clear to your canine companion that you are the leader of the pack and not him or her.
Every time your dog is thinking about jumping or about to jump, simply move away from him or her.

After you do this a few times, throw in a command then mark the behavior with a treat at the same time.
Labrabull Breed Information, Pit Bull Labrador MixA Labrabull is a mixed breed created by a Labrador Retriever and an American Pit Bull Terrier. Teach your dog what is right and wrong after you establish this leadership and dog training becomes much easier on you and your family.
The only method that seems to work for this problem is to avoid the dog when you approach them. In order to train your dog, it is essential to show them what you expect from them with enthusiasm. If you want your dog to sit, give him or her the order and press their back down softly so that they sit.

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