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Our fixed-height, stacking commode, is smart, discreet, and thoughtfully designed to offer the user maximum comfort and quality at a practical price. A plastic commode pan that has a lid for hygiene and a carry handle to make it easy to empty. A bio-degradable potty liner that has a draw string for the simple and clean disposal of waste.

Wickerwork and wooden commode chairs are available here, as well as simpler, practical models. This High-Quality Toilet Offers Powerful Flushing With Less Pumping As Well As Splash-Free Operation And Discharge.
This Portable Toilet Is A Great Unit For Anyone Who Despises Using Public Port-O-Potties Or Camps Where Therea€™s No Public Facility.

It Is Great For Camping, Outdoor Recreational Activities And Road Trips, As Well As Those Who Are Elderly To Move Or Patients.

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