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Inventory of Potty Scotty & Potty Patty and Author of Potty Training In One DayPotty Training Dolls - Some BackgroundThe idea or concept of using a potty doll to potty train a child was developed by two psychologist named Nathan H. They were researching how to potty train special needs (autistic, down syndrome and mentally retarded) children.
Since then, several potty training books for parents such as "Potty Training for Dummies"& "The Everything Potty Training Book" have talked about using potty dolls for potty training, but not until Dr. They discovered that using their methods, children not categorized as special needs could be potty trained in less than a day. How you use a potty doll to assist in the potty training process really depends on which potty training method you decide to use.
Choose from The First Years 4 In 1 Potty Training System, Boon Potty Bench Training Toilet and other products. Dr Phil's Potty Training Method uses a potty training doll - or doll that wets (according to Dr Phil) - to model the "going potty" behavior for you child.

The doll had a straight tube from the mouth to the bottom - so it was pretty hard to model the going potty behavior with Betsy Wetsy.Then there was Talking Potty Dotty. His first show aired on November 8th, 2002 and the second show in prime time on September 22nd, 2004. It was from these shows I was inspired to create and patin the Drink-and-Wet on Demand Potty Scotty and Potty Patty dolls. Your child will extrapolate and will want to go potty like the doll and have a potty party as well. YouTube's favorite ***y sidekick, Riley McIlwain shows you a day in his life through the magic of sight and sound. These two psychologists were studying what is involved in learning and how learning can be made more rapid.
The concepts (which by the way is the same concept in Potty Training Concepts!) in this potty training method are that children learn by teaching and behavior is shaped by consequences.Since "teaching is the highest form of learning", your child will not only teach the doll to go potty, but also teach the potty doll what are desired behaviors are and the natural and logical consequences of these behaviors.

Potty training video for toddlers.Potty Training at 13M At 13M (2 weeks ago) Peyson started coming over to me when she needed to go #2. Once your child understand this, then you will teach your child to teach the doll what the undesired behaviors are and the natural and logical consequences of undesired behavior. Trusted potty training help including potty training and bedwetting advice, potty training information, and high quality potty training products that work. Find cheap prices on Baby Care from a selection of Babybjorn, SAFETY 1ST, Teamson, Potty Patty, and Munchkin brands and stores Amazon Marketplace, CSN Baby, Amazon, Marketplaces, and. A great selection of potty training products, as well as excellent information including potty training tips just for girls.

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