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The hit and miss world of toilet-training is almost enough to drive you potty, but understanding your child's fears is half the battle.
Toilet-training is a messy business, and the move from nappies to pants can be daunting for children. You will more than likely know when your child is willing to use the toilet or potty, but there will inevitably be times ofresistance. Help your child to become familiar with his or her body parts and their functions, and make sure they know it is normal for everyone to go to the toilet. Public toilets are especially off putting, with loud hand-dryers, strange faces and smells.
The teacheri??shei??ll gladly give them give your child a lot of fluids i?? and then more help you. Whether you are bringing home a new puppy or a full-grown rescue, you must be prepared for the fact that the dog will not know where you expect him or her to go to the bathroom unless you potty train your puppy. The most fundamental decision you must make is whether you want your dog to have a place indoors where he or she can take care of business or if you want the bathroom to be strictly outdoors. The average puppy will need to make water every two to three hours, and most of us have work schedules that prevent us from walking a dog this often. Adult dogs may be able to make it through an 8-hour work day, but smaller breeds with correspondingly smaller bladders may have a tough time with this. After your dog eliminates outside, don?t clean it up right away unless you are worming the dog.
When your dog does have the inevitable accident indoors, you should show the dog the mess and tell him or her ?no? very firmly, then lead the dog outside to the designated bathroom spot. Training your dog to use the bathroom indoors is slightly easier, if only because your dog can get to his or her bathroom without your having to open the door. Many companies make dog potties that involve some sort of fake grass and a pan to catch urine as it leaks through. The best place to keep an untrained dog when he or she isn?t in a crate is a small, non-carpeted area. A dog bed or blanket should never be used in a crate, as it allows the dog to urinate, soak up the urine in the towel or bed, then scoot the mess to one end of the crate.
NUTRITIONWith the wide variety of food at Thanksgiving dinner, chances are you'll want to give your dog something special, too.

DOG FUN Walking your dog is not only crucial to keeping him healthy and happy, it strengthens the bond between your canine friend and his caregiver. HEALTH The same techniques that physiotherapists use to treat a variety of injuries and conditions in humans have been adapted to suit animals with great success. FIRST TIME OWNERSBringing a dog into your family is a decision where many people dona??t realize ita??s magnitude until after they have the dog. HEALTH Many believe that a dog and a new baby cannot happily coexist, so therefore the dog has to go.A  This is not necessarily the case.
DOG TRAINING Ita??s not enough to simply walk the dog through the front door and hope he will acclimate to his new surroundings; you have to teach him how to interact with the new people and items in his environment.
PET-NEWSWORTHY If you're considering adding a pet to your home in 2015, you're in very good company.
Dog Pregnancy SymptomsHEALTHIf you suspect your dog might be pregnant, check out part one in this series on pregnant dogs, where we cover pregnant dog symptoms. Dog BirthHEALTHIn the third article of our dog pregnancy series, we look at the wonderful, but messy, process of bringing newborn puppies into the world. Canine Respiratory SystemBREATHINGThe basic function of your dog's respiratory system is to bring oxygen in to and remove carbon dioxide from the body.
Shelter Dog Adoption Tips for SuccessADOPTION Are you intimidated by the prospect of "rescuing" a dog from a shelter? Canine Urinary Tract InfectionsSYMPTOMS AND TREATMENTDoes your dog seem to be having trouble relieving his or her bladder? What to do for Dog DiarrheaSYMPTOMS AND REMEDIESIf you have dogs in your house for any length of time, you have likely experienced at least one bout of dog diarrhea. What to do for a Dog BiteDOG BEHAVIOR Getting bitten by a dog can be scary, and you may be tempted to run around in circles for a while, trying to figure out what to do. Top Ten Tips for Living with a Senior DogDOG HEALTH Bringing home a new puppy is so exciting, but it doesna??t take all that long for your exuberant puppy to grow into a senior dog who may have special needs.
Once your toddler has started to get the hang of using the toilet or potty, you can put them into underpants for short spells around the house each day. Most kids begin toilet-training around 2 years, but it’s not uncommon for a child to be in nappies at their third birthday.
The most important thing to keep in mind is that the dog owner is 100% responsible for the success of your puppy.

There are quite a few shots, treatments and examinations that will keep the newest member of your family healthy. Family pets, show dogs, and working dogs can all benefit greatly from physiotherapy.A  Dogs whose activities involve a lot of agility are especially susceptible to the types of problems that physiotherapy can address. There are a number of things that you need to research before you decide to purchase a dog, and it starts right in your own home.
One reason that you may be wary of adopting a dog from a shelter is not knowing how to choose. However, if by age 4 your child is still resisting vehemently, it may be time to seek expert help. A schedule is key to your puppy's success, and your commitment to sticking to this schedule will help your puppy quickly become potty trained. Adopting a dog from a shelter can be a rewarding process, if you're prepared to do a reasonable amount of research. Toilet-training is one of our first acts of self-control and it takes time to learn how to use the deep muscles of the pelvic floor.
You may consider giving them a potty as a "coming of age" present, which may make them feel important as they take those first steps toward life without nappies. Take her outdoors or to her designated toilet area after waking up, eating, playing, any form of excitement and before going to bed. Depends on each puppya€™s learning pace and your commitment to this, but within a month, the puppy would have learnt to go on the newspaper or potty training pads. A good rule of thumb is to add one to your puppya€™s age in months and thata€™s generally how long he can go without a trip outside.
They also tend to do their business where theya€™ve done it before and these two things help us a lot when training them. If you are using a potty, as opposed to a toilet-training seat, it’s a good idea to keep it in one place.

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