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In the old days, the toilets in Japan weren’t like Western style toilets and they were (and sometimes still are) like in the photo above.
Sometimes Japanese companies get lost in translation in the effort to brand themselves in America and choose interesting words.
The worst thing you could do is start the water pressure at the highest setting, unless you appreciate a sudden blast to the fanny.
I would be really surprised though if people in Japan didn’t know how to use a Western style toilet since the majority of public toilets are Western style! Actually a majority of toilets you will use in Japan (except in old buildings and schools) are western style or have the option of a Western style toilet. On my brother’s initiation to the Japanese toilet, he pressed every button, thinking that they would eventually flush the toilet.
So you don’t have to play with the water and air settings, but it’s always worth it to try new things. Your choice is either the Japanese style squat type or the western type with a lot of buttons that do strange things.

To his surprise, he instead got a shot of hot water in a curious place and then a blast of cold air before realizing that the toilet had a normal flusher on the side!
Then raise the pressure as your confidence increases, as your relationship with the toilet moves from new and frightening to solid ground. You can find some fancy ones in Japan that will lift and lower the lid by sensor, which comes in handy when men forget to put the lid back down (because that’s where it belongs!). But to the Japanese, these toasty toilet seats welcome you to a world above and beyond the usual bathroom experience. It pays to study the buttons before choosing…unless you don’t mind surprises in curious places. However, they simply refer to the controls for which direction and what kind of pressure the water and air jets will move. You also want to make sure the air and water temperatures are not too warm or cold, but just right. There are toilets that make constant flushing noises or play music to cover up any embarrassing slips, so you don’t have to wait unusually long for everybody to clear the bathroom before commencing in confidence.

Or it might send you running in terror back to the nearest American-style toilet, but you tried.
They’ll include options to spray water, shoot air, control the pressure and direction, and a stop button for when you can’t handle it anymore. And hey, always remember–this is way better than the other option in Japan… squatting toilets! Don’t be frightened if the seat automatically raises or if music starts playing when you walk in to the stall. If you do fear the air and water, you can turn them off by locating the stop button, which works to cancel all special treatments.

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