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Home toilets are usually western-style, though they may have many additional features such as bidet functions, heated seats, and music.
To conserve water, many toilets have a faucet at the top of the tank for rinsing your hands with the clean water filling the tank.
It is also good to know that not all public restrooms provide toilet paper, so it is wise to carry a pack of travel tissue with you just in case.
Not only are the toilets themselves different, but there are cultural differences about using the restroom. Actually, “bathroom” is an inaccurate term, because toilet areas and baths are separated in all but the most compact homes.
One end has a hood, and you are supposed to squat and face in that direction when using the toilet.

The flush lever also can move in two directions, for “big flush” and “little flush,” though mostly that is not labeled in English so use whichever works.
There are sinks, but no towels or paper towels, either, so you may also want a small hand towel or handkerchief for drying your hands. You may see open stall areas with urinals visible to the public, or mixed-use bathrooms for both men and women.
If there is no explanation of how to use it, just look for a typical flush handle on the tank and use the toilet as normal. Recently most train stations and modern buildings incorporate at least one western-style toilet that is wheelchair accessible.
Also be aware that cleaning people of the opposite sex might enter, say hello, and continue with their work.

If you are intrigued by a control panel that looks like it belongs on some science-fiction starship, feel free to experiment, but be aware that it is very inadvisable to stand up when cleaning functions are on, or you could end up being showered. If you are uncomfortable with these arrangements, try to use the toilet in your hotel room, or one in a modern restaurant or department store.

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