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TweetWith a title like I Have to Go, readers have a pretty good idea of what this book will be about. In I Have to Go, little Andrew is constantly being asked, “Do you have to go pee?” And his answer of course is always, “No, no, no, no, no.” The parents take Andrew on a road trip to see his grandparents. The culmination of the story finds parents and grandparents waiting with baited breath to see if Andrew, who has gone to bed, will call out that he has to pee. I Have to Go will be especially humorous to children who are in the process of being toilet trained.
As with all of Munsch’s children’s books, this book takes a topic that is relevant to children and makes it silly and fun to read. TweetIf you are the parent or caregiver of a toddler, you know or will soon find out that the process of potty training can be overwhelming.
Everyone Poops: This Japanese import shows the where and how animals poop and the difference in smell and shape of each. My Big Boy Potty: This reassuring tale of little Michael accomplishing the transition from diapers to big-kid pants is a great tool for potty training boys. The Potty Book a€“ For Girls: Hannah is a ponytailed toddler who is anxious to open the box that Mom and Dad brought home.
Once Upon A Potty: Originally written in 1975, this cute story told by Alona Frankel is a classic being used by a new generation of parents today. Toilet Training in Less Than A Day: With the scientifically proven Azrin-Foxx method taught in this manual, toilet training can be achieved by the average child in less than four hours. Stress-Free Potty Training: Since every child experiences the toilet training process in a different way, this helpful guide gives parents guidance in determining the appropriate approach to fit their childa€™s temperament whether they are fearful, stubborn, afraid to move on, or just late-bloomers.

The Potty Train: With bright colors and wonderful illustrations, this magical train trip is entertaining for both parents and child. Wherea€™s the Poop?: This interactive, lift-the-flap story shows that all creatures have a place to poop whether it is tigers in the jungle, monkeys in the rain forest, or people in the toilet.
No More Diapers for Ducky!: This enchanting little story shows Ducky visiting Piggy and wanting to play. Caillou-Potty Time: This colorfully illustrated, age-appropriate story, shows Caillou experiencing a new situation and discovering his independence.
The Princess and the Potty: In this medieval tale, a stubborn princess is not willing to give up her a€?royal diapera€? for anything. The Truth About Poop: With its cover illustration of an elephant on a chamber pot, this book could be mistaken for a self help guide about potty training. Ita€™s Potty Time for Girls: This colorful board book will help with the natural progression in a childa€™s life of toilet training.
Lift the Lid, Use the Potty!: This lift-the-flap tale features Little Bunny who has a brand new purple potty.
My Potty Reward Stickers for Girls: Using these colorful stickers to help stimulate interest, motivate, and reward your child during toilet training will give positive reinforcement and a sense of accomplishment. Have you seen my potty?: Suzy Sue has something she needs to do and her bright red potty has been stolen.
I Want My Potty: The queen tells the little princess that a€?the pottya€™s the placea€? and so the story begins. When Youa€™ve Got To Go: Bear is available to answer the questions Tutter, Ojo, and Treelo have about using the potty and the loo.

Whoa€™s in the Bathroom?: Waiting for a long time in a line to use a public toilet, two children speculate on why it is taking so long. Time to Pee!: Wise mice guide the children to the bathroom and back in this encouraging resource. Potty (Mylo Freeman): A potty appears in the jungle with a note reading, a€?Only the best bottom of all will fit on this potty.a€? What are the animals to do? Little Monkeya€™s Big Peeing Circus: To show off his peeing talents, Little Monkey opens a peeing circus. In a comical twist, Andrew calls out , “Grandpa, do you have to pee?” This helps make the story funnier and one that is sure to make children smile. Illustrated with cartoon-like characters, it also demonstrates how a baby poops in a diaper, how a child sits on a potty, and how children and adults sit on a toilet.
Of course the answer is a hearty, “No!” Once he is zipped and tucked snugly into his snow suit and his seatbelt, Andrew realizes that he has to go. Everyone will enjoy the bright, lively illustrations by Michael Martchenko that tell even more of the story without words.

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