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Trekking through hill tribes in northern Thailand, our guide, Hay, would use the term “Going to Pee Pee Island” when he or someone had to go to the bathroom on the trail – fitting since there is an island in Southern Thailand called Koh Phi Phi (pronounced Pee Pee). My experience learning to pee in a squatty potty came with much trial and error (wet shoes and pant cuffs too), over the past few months and a few countries. When you’re done, take your toilet paper out of your pocket, throw it in the little trash can.
The true Asian squatty potty is basically a porcelain hole in the ground raised up off the floor, about four inches. In a real squatty potty situation, even in most western ones, there is never toilet paper provided. Then go to the bucket of water, use the scooper floating in the water to fill up and pour down the toilet.

You won’t have to worry about this in higher class hotels, mainly public toilets – still good to know! Assume the catcher’s stance again, same steps, except you may have to refill the bucket for the manual flushing a few more times.
As you are doing your business, you look around and notice there’s a toilet paper holder, but no toilet paper, of course. The squatty potties are not meant to have toilet paper put down them, definitely use the trash can!
This still leaves about three feet between you and the actual toilet, which directly affects the splash factor. The only reason I can come up with is that the plumbing can’t handle excessive paper usage.

Or maybe Thailand just has a shortage of paper products – evidenced by their tiny napkins. I could have made a diagram for Westerners, sell it outside the public toilet for about 10 baht – more valuable than toilet paper. After you’re finished, use your toilet paper, put it in the nearby trash can, scoop water out of the nearby bucket and pour it down the hole a few times. A few times I poured the water over my feet as I hadn’t mastered the shorter drop zone at that point.

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