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Support my How to Train Your Dragon animations by subscribing to my youtube channel through the link below! My Nightfury OC; Ren, the one and only Special nightfury hybrid trained to be an ultimate fighter by Drago himself, all of the other experiments failed, but she escaped. Suddenly the front door opened again and Astrid’s parents and Hiccup were walking in.

Ooh, I was wondering when you were ever returning to the forums, even if you came in to see if there was anything new.
Any Dan Brown - Angles & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol & Inferno book fans out there? This story is packed with adventure, Hicstrid, Trials that shake the foundation of their marrage, and loads of surprizes along the way!

He is very protective of his mate, but he very well know's that Toothless is the Alpha.

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