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You think you know what they are for and you are probably right but once you check into a European hotel and see one I’m willing to bet you second guess yourself.
Found in most hotels or homes in Italy, Greece, Spain and many other European countries the bidet comes in a couple different styles. However, it is the latter that troubles me the most as it would seem that one is really supposed to fill the basin up with water and hover over it lapping water onto their nether regions until clean. On a few occasions my friends and I have stood around one of these bidets, contemplating its potential uses. As it turns out the bidet was designed to hose off your backside and genitals after using the toilet but it has served many uses. The lack of its popularity in the States is probably from its inherent (at least I think inherent) characteristic of being a rather unsanitary form of hygiene. I’ve been living in Italy for the last 5 years and I can’t imagine living without one now!

If you ever have the chance to use one, then try it… you might never want to go back to crappy toilet paper! I know it’s humor, but how’s toilet paper more sanitary that cleaning your butt with running water and soap? It’s pretty sad a SO DEVELOPED COUNTRY as USA keeps those disgusting habits of spreading shit with paper toilet. BF – quite a shame you people of USA, so developed and rich and powerful, have to take a bottle of water to the bath to hygienize yourselves!!! An idiot's guide: The plane which has had the fuel, tanks, landing gear and other parts labelled. Guide: The labelled plane is one of a fleet of eight 737-800s which each have unique livery.
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We live in North America and use soap and watering can(the ones you use to water plants )to clean our genitals.Before sitting on the toilet seat, we fill up the watering can (you can adjust the warmth of the water from the tap)Toilet paper is mostly to use intially before the actual washing and afterwards to wipe dry. Now I know how to keep my beers nice & cold on my travels to Europe, and the $ I’ll save on laundering my travel togs! This is why i carry with me a bottle of water to the public washroom or if i forgot, i soak some toilet paper or towel, maybe also add a little soap on it and wipe with it.(after which i still change my panty as soon as i get home and do the actual washing) I do the same thing for my 2yr old and 4 yr old as well.

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