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Infant potty training is a hotly debated subject chiefly in relation to the right age in which it should begin. Perhaps, nothing can cause a new mother more dread than the question of ‘when should I potty train my baby’? Though there is no fixed age, it has been seen that most infants are ready for sitting on the potty by the time they are about two years old.
Some of the indications of receptiveness are when the child begins to be aware of being wet or soiled and wanting to be changed.
They dona€™t want to sit in their own waste any more than you or I would and so they can be trained to go potty when you place them over a toilet and cue them with a a€?Psssst!a€? sound. Contrary to that magazine article I read, Ia€™m not suggesting that if your 3-month-old baby isna€™t potty trained, he or she is not as smart as the family dog. When the baby indicates that they need to empty their bladder, the parent simply holds the child over an appropriate receptacle (usually a potty or a toilet) and cues them with a particular sound. Parents who practice elimination communication are simply trained to deal with it a few minutes earlier than parents who change diapers!
Without a doubt, practicing Elimination Communication in Western Culture presents unique challenges (such as finding clothes that lend themselves to this approach)!A Ita€™s also an approach that may raise a few eyebrows. No, ita€™s not an approach for everybody and if you think this approach is not for you, be sure to check back in a few weeks for my post about Potty Training in a more traditional manner.A For our family, this was an approach to toilet training that was simple, it made sense for us at that time and it strengthened the bond between my baby and me. Alina Joy Dubois writes the Good Old Days Farm Blog which is the story of what happens when a software engineer (her husband!) comes home one night and out of the blue says, a€?I wanna be a farmer!a€? then actually quits his career and takes up farming!
Mar 28 Posted by joy 14 Comments March 28, 2011 Posted by joy 14 Comments When my son still hadn’t potty trained through the night at age four, I wrote a post about trying to keep him dry through the night.
Feb 16 Posted by joy 2 Comments February 16, 2011 Posted by joy 2 Comments We just returned, browned and blissful, from our nearly two week family reunion in Hawaii. Jan 27 Posted by rebecca 6 Comments January 27, 2011 Posted by rebecca 6 Comments After Joy’s recent posts about The History of Potty Training in America and Training Pants for Babies and Toddlers, I’m sure you’re left wondering, “What’s new in eco-friendly potty training gear?” Well, we’re here to satisfy your curiosity.

According to the product description: The Safety 1st Nature Next potty is made of 50% bio-plastic in a zero landfill factory.
Jan 26 Posted by joy 8 Comments January 26, 2011 Posted by joy 8 Comments If you read my post on the history of American potty training, you know that infant potty training was the norm until the 1980’s when disposables gained a growing market share and experts re-thought toilet training norms from decades past. Oct 20 Posted by joy 3 Comments October 20, 2010 Posted by joy 3 Comments Are your cloth diapers disintegrating before your eyes?  Do you pull a larger lump of lint out of the dryer with every cycle?  Are you a bit ashamed to send those raggedly cloth diapers off to daycare?  You’re not alone! My small batch of cloth diapers has seen some serious wear and probably kept thousands of disposable diapers from the landfills.  I bought them secondhand from a cloth diaper service, used them with Roscoe, lent them to a friend for her two children, used them with Jovi, and then passed them onto another baby.  Wow! Filed Under: Baby Care, Baby Gear, Cloth Diapers, Green Pregnancy, Living Simply, Potty Training, The Green Household Tagged With: buying used cloth diapers, cloth diaper wear, cloth diapers and embarassment, cloth diapers secondhand, damaged cloth diapers, ragged cloth diapers, replacing cloth diapers, secondhand cloth diapers, secondhand prefold diapers, used cloth diapers, worn cloth diapers, worn diaper embarrassment, worn out cloth diapers, worn velcro with cloth diapersWhen Should Your Child Be Potty Trained Through the Night? Sep 8 Posted by joy 12 Comments September 8, 2010 Posted by joy 12 Comments I was very proud of my potty training efforts with both of my children—but that overconfidence has quickly faded into green shame! Jul 28 Posted by joy 10 Comments July 28, 2010 Posted by joy 10 Comments I’m happy to report that our 13 month old is going strong with infant potty training!  To be clear, she still wears cloth diapers and our only focus is getting her to poop on the potty. Apr 21 Posted by joy 9 Comments April 21, 2010 Posted by joy 9 Comments It’s official. Mar 15 Posted by joy 7 Comments March 15, 2010 Posted by joy 7 Comments It sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it?  Asking a tiny baby to be able to control her bodily functions?  I thought so too. I wouldn’t have remotely thought about perching my first child on the toilet simply because I had no friends or family who had ever attempted it. Part of toilet-training children is getting them to like using their potty, so the selection of colors for the Infant Potty Chair make this potty a great choice. Let’s be clear at the outset that there is no such thing as the ‘perfect age’ to begin toilet training for babies. It just means that you have to defer the potty training till your baby shows signs of being ready for it. Relax; as mentioned earlier, how to start potty training should be dependent on the factor of when your baby shows signs of being receptive to the idea.

Rushing the child or reprimanding him will only shake his confidence and make him more nervous the next time he has an urge to go to the toilet.
My experience was that although I was the one who was trained to take my baby to the potty, by the time she reached traditional toilet-training age, she clearly understood the connection between the need to empty her bladder and the toilet.A I took her to the potty until she became mobile, and once she learned to crawl and then walk she seamlessly transitioned to going potty by herself. Family came from all over the United States and an aunt even flew in from Thailand to join the fun.  It was a glorious, peaceful trip that exceeded our wildest expectations.
My son, who has worn disposables at night since babyhood, is still in diapers at night.  So even though he used cloth during the day for just a few years since infancy, he has filled the landfills with his nighttime diapers for four full years. In a way this seems like a good thing–but it also means that we ate lukewarm microwaved dinners off of paper plates for a few weeks. These days I’m firmly aboard the early potty training bandwagon now that my eight month old baby regularly poops on the potty. But when we wrote our book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide: Down-To-Earth Ways for Parents to Save Money and the Planet, I learned more about infant potty training and found it fascinating. She was perched on our wood floor, bare bottomed due to a slight diaper rash.  When she started to strain a bit, my husband and I scooped her up and set her on the potty. Some infants can be more receptive even at a very small age of 9-12 months old while others may not be potty trained even by the age of three or four. This is the first step in a good infant potty training method and an excellent way to begin the whole process. The actions of the infant will show more than its age of when you should begin the toilet training. I coined this term to refer to the practice of starting in true infancy, usually before a child can sit.

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