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Prefold diapers fit any baby because you decide how to fold them and where to put the absorbency. Using prefold diapers is very economical, but that isn't the only reason to consider using them!
The water and sanitation crisis has claimed more lives than all the wars of the 20th century, combined. 1 out of 5 children die of diarrhoeal disease, which means a mother can expect to bury at least one of her children before their 5th birthday.
More than 80% of sewage in developing countries is discharged untreated into lakes, rivers and coastal areas.
We see that you have personalized your site experience by adding your child's date of birth and gender on site. Easy EMI EMI available on ICICI, AXIS, HSBC, KOTAK, SBI & IndusInd Bank Cards with options to pay in 3,6,9 or 12 month plans.

To edit, navigate to any product page on site and update pincode in the delivery information section. They can also be folded so the thickest, most absorbent area is just where your baby needs it. And when you know longer need cloth diapers, Indian Prefolds make great dust rags and cleaning rags! White Prefolds are chlorine free - they have been whitened with a peroxide bleach solution with a low pH level to help avoid skin allergies.Unbleached Prefolds have not been whitened. All of the cotton prefold must be tucked inside the diaper cover so you don't get leaks.In the chart below, each size prefold indicates the number of layers it has. The prefold is a rectangular diaper made of several layers of cotton twill that are sewn together so the middle area is thicker than the 2 sides. When it says that the Newborn size is 2x5x2 it means that there are 2 layers of cotton on the outside and 5 layers of cotton in the middle.

They get softer with each washing and will be very useful as burp cloths or inserts now that we have moved onto pocket diapers. Positive feedback will be automatically left to all buyers once they have paid the item; Please let us know if you have any problems before leaving feedback. Payment We only accept paypal payment PayPal allows you to pay by credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and PayPal account balances. Paypal address) We are based in South korea, Shipment by International Air mail from South Korea.

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