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CES 2013 in Las Vegas has revealed more tablet and smartphone accessories than last year, although we haven’t seen anything like the iPotty before. We have seen televisions in the bathroom for when adults use the toilet or have a bath, so why shouldn’t kids have the same luxury when using a potty? You should see some iPad apps that are designed just for the iPotty in the near future, so that children can use apps that help them learn while on the potty. Little can capture the attention of young children like gaming devices and colorful touch screens can, making the iPad potty training seem like a completely logical idea.
Product company CTA Digital is about to release the iPotty, a whole new way to put your iPad to use and encourage toddlers to use the potty.
It only makes sense to incorporate iPad potty training as part of your child's early development. January 9, 2013 by paul What potty training kid is going to walk away from their iPotty when there’s an iPad sitting in front of them? I hope this will be my final potty training update, until I tell you that we have no accidents for a LONG time! This past Wednesday was a big milestone for little miss Lennox; she went one whole week with NO ACCIDENTS.

I will say, she does still wear a pull-up at night but 80-90% of the time, she wakes up dry in the morning! I was given a free copy of the app to try out and immediately gave it to Lennox to try on the iPad.
Disclosure: I was compensated for portions of this post, as well as received a free copy of the iPad app.
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Very young children will be able to learn how to use a potty while using the iPad, which those behind this gadget claim will help with potty training. Small children using your expensive tablet while going to the bathroom may seem like a hazardous endeavor at first, but with its sturdy plastic base and secure frame, your gadget won't be easily knocked over by clumsy fingers. I got some with Lalaloopsy on them and Grandma got Minnie Mouse ones – she loves to put all the characters on. Since then, I was given the opportunity to preview a new potty training app that was just released today; Potty Training: Learning with the Animals! The iPotty features a built-in stand to help hold the iPad while your child uses the potty.

You can see a video below this article that the BBC shot while at CES, and it shows a demo of taking the iPotty apart and some explanation about how this accessory can help potty train.
Small children today are adept at using touch screens and playing around with apps, and there are many child-friendly apps on the market. She will go in and get her pants off, go potty, put her pants back on, wash her hands and then come and tell us.
If I know its been a few hours, I will say something in passing like, remember to go to the bathroom if you need to potty, but that’s it. It was fun to see her telling all the animals to “hold it” until they got to their potty! Of course, if she asks for help, we give her help – but a lot of the times she tells us to leave her alone when she goes potty!! I guess she likes her privacy, now if only she would realize that mommy & daddy would like to potty in peace sometimes too!

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