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In January of this year Las Vegas sponsored a CES show and this colorful plastic potty chair was featured.
The potty chair will cost around $40 but that might be a bargain if it will get your child potty trained. With all the gadgets at the CES show, it’s nice to know that such a clever one can still turn heads.
Granted, it certainly makes going to the potty fun and rewarding, but isn’t this going a little too far? Especially when kids are just learning to use the potty, they need tofocus on the task at hand.
Plastic 'iPotty' features a slot for a tablet computer, but will it make a splash at retail?

CTA Digital is promising to revolutionise children’s potty training with this new $40 toddler toilet which comes with a slot for an iPad. And yes, it does come with splash protection in the form of a plastic layer film which sits on top of the device. So far news outlets have poo-poohed the potential of the iPad Potty, pointing out obvious hygiene problems and questioning if there’s actually a need for such a product. Sign up to receive our email news updates and access to other online products and services.
A baby toilet training seat with a built in iPad holder has been named the worst toy of the year.
One woman declares “it the best thing she’s seen at CES”.  It’s the iPotty for iPad, a toilet-training device for digitally connected kids.

There is not a specific app to go with the potty chair , but there are several options already available in the App store.
This new high tech potty chair from CTAdigital is set to become available on Amazon in March for $39.99. I kind of feel like these distractions can slow down the whole process, if you know what I mean. We serve the toy trade - licensing, marketing, distribution, retail, toy wholesale and more, with a focus on editorial quality.

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