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The Smart Kids iPad Case is the perfect protective, shock resistant, environmental friendly and kid friendly case for your iPad 2, 3 or 4.
Included with every Smart Kids iPad Case is a screen protector along with a 4a€? x 4a€? micro fiber cleaning cloth for wiping off those smudges and smears that children will do. This protective case is made from a very dense, heavy duty EVA foam which can withstand considerable wear and tear and provides extreme shock protection.
With its built-in handle, the Smart Kids iPad Case is easy for kids to carry around but the handle also folds into a stand for hands-free viewing of their favorite cartoons, shows or video games. Kid-tested for durability, the Smart Kids iPad Case is extremely light weight and provides great protection against those things that children will do. We know that lot of people love iPad but at the same time kids and college students want something more handy than Apple’s 10 inch tablet because usually kids and students tend to be on the move most of the time.
The material used in this cover and the design is a bit similar to KidBox but this one has 18 different color options ,therefore, we also added it in our list.
Armorbox series form i-Blason provides super dual-layer protection by using impact resistant polycarbonate outer shell and shock absorbing silicone inner coating. If you’re looking for some stylish, cute and secure case for your kid then you should definitely go for iGuy from Speck.
This heavy-duty cover has very good shock absorption capability because it uses thick silicone mold to secure your iPad Mini. The founder of Fractus Learning, Nick Grantham is an Australian educator living and working in Dublin, Ireland. On this quest I have looked at every case Amazon has to offer (453,457 by last count) and run through every possible scenario my zippy little tablet will encounter.
So, as I waded through the thousands of options to smartly dress my iPad, I collected the 9 most fun, practical and (in some cases) insane iPad cases for kids.
Built for for durability, the Gumdrop Drop Tech Color Case is made for little hands that are still a little clumsy with expensive devices.
You could pretty much launch your iPad off the roof in this little baby (please don’t try it).
A wonderfully creative project for kids, caseable is a super cool site that lets you design your own iPad case. The ROARTZ Black Slim Fit Folio Smart Stand Case  is one of the most popular choices of iPad cases for kids because of its simple design, high quality build and exceptionally good price. The Snugg Kid Proof Case is one of the best iPad cases for kids who need a little extra grip holding such expensive devices. The Snugg Kid Proof Case comes with a lifetime guarantee and also comes in sizes for the iPad Mini. Available in a myriad of different colors and styles, the Mosiso Canvas Fabric Sleeve is one of the best options if you are looking for protection that will not stay fixed on the iPad. One of the strongest iPad cases for kids there is, the Beetle Defense Case is built to handle just about any accidental drop, bump or shock. Created by everyone’s favorite toy company, Fisher-Price, the Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case is made for much younger children. One of the larger and more durable iPad cases for kids, the frame includes beads and handles to engage younger children as well as hiding all clickable iPad buttons (including the home button) to prevent any accidental clicks. While all of the above iPad Cases for Kids offer excellent protection and a number of child-friendly features, the Trent Airbender takes iPad cases to a whole new level.
Do be careful on choosing any keyboard case as different devices require different fittings. Fractus Learning participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commissions by linking to Amazon. Did you run into any fantastic iPad mini cases that would be appropriate for schools with large scale deployments in grades 3-5? Steve Jobs thought brushed metal finishes looked great dented and worn, but he could just pluck a free iWhatever off the showroom floor on a whim. I am UK based grandmother to two 6 year old siblings, both autistic, who can not speak and have learned everything they know from iPads. Apart from the outstanding cost of iPads over the years our biggest problem is that we can not find a CASE which she can not BITE through. Another idea might be to consider cheaper Android tablets so that you are not having to replace expensive iPads so regularly. Lastly, if your grandchild is chewing through to the device itself, it may be worth looking at alternatives to electronic devices. CTA Digital Kids Adjustable Activity Table: holds your tablet safe as your kids play with it. M-Edge-Cases Supershell Case for iPad: it is made from closed-cell foam that absorbs shocks if your iPad is dropped. Dora the Explorer Universal Activity Tray: can be attached to strollers, car seats, and high chairs. If you've got both an iPad and a toddler in your home, you'll know that your chances of keeping them apart are slim to non existent … no matter how much you liked the idea of minimizing screen-time before they were born.
An animated picture book from illustrator Christoph Niemann, Petting Zoo introduces little ones to 21 animals, including a break-dancing dog and an elephant in a bath.

Based on the Herve Tullet book, Press Here – which gave children instructions to follow involving printed dots and swirls – the Press Here app is more of the same. As parents and their children read about the likes of Charlie the Chipmunk and Eli the Elephant, kids are encouraged to find the first letter of the animal in the animations. Rather than simply trying to teach kids the names of the various animals featured in this stylish app, Peek-a-Zoo also aims to educate them about emotions, actions and positions. When children tap illustrations in Sound Touch, they're played a corresponding noise as a photograph of the pressed object appears.
Eric Carle is probably best known for The Very Hungry Caterpillar, but his My Very First Books are also very popular and this app is the digital version of them. Though it might still be a while until your toddler needs to send emails, it can be a nice way for them to keep in contact with family members. Letting your toddler loose in the kitchen probably isn't a good idea, but with Toca Kitchen they can learn about preparing and cooking meals without have to touch a sharp knife or hot oven. PianoBall turns the screen of your iPad into a colorful piano with toddler-friendly sized keys. Balls is a deceptively simple app in which a number of colored balls bounce around the screen making wind-chime-like noises as they hit each other. More than just an iPad version of paper and crayons, Drawing Pad gives children easy access to a digital art tool-kit including markers, paint brushes, colored pencils and stickers. Toddlers love Elmo, and this app uses the furry red monster to teach them about the alphabet. While some people will shudder at the idea of handing a $500 iPad to a toddler, it's important to note that many of the apps we've talked about are best experienced with a parent. It lets them play as children will do but also protects the iPad from those things that children will do.
It also provides complete all-around protection for the iPad with water resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, and of course, shock resistance. The thick foam fully covers the back, sides and stands proud over the surface of the iPad's screen. We do not share, sell, rent, or lease the personal information of our customers without their advance permission. Our picks would also simplify the task of parents or relatives who want to gift some kid iPad Mini along with a protective case. It’s manufactured with lightweight foam so your little ones with small hands use it with comfort.
Hopefully, this addition will provide you more variety and you would be able to choose one which perfectly suits your kid’s choice.
It’s manufactured with thick foam so that your iPad Mini remain safe from scratches and accidental falls.
With a background in education, engineering and digital product development, Nick launched Fractus Learning to connect people with a shared passion for technology and how it can bring education to life.
In the end I went for the ever-popular ROARTZ Slim Fit Smart Stand Case with a Tech Armor Screen Protector. Coming in a series of colors, the Gumdrop case has an outer silicone skin that absorbs shock and vibration.
From color, to printed text, to images and designs, every aspect of your case is completely customizable.
The iPad case is virtually identical to cases provided by Apple but is less than half the price.
All four edges of the iPad are equipped with large ergonomic handles made from durable cushioned material, making sure your iPad is fully protected while still allowing for perfect viewing in both portrait and landscape mode.
This can be especially useful if the device is being used for multiple purposes or for taking the device from place to place. The case uses a dual layer design that combines a polycarbonate hard shell and a softer inner material to absorb shocks and bumps. With an integrated keyboard, this case converts your average iPad into a portable and flexible mobile PC! From there you can at least get a shortlist and perhaps trial a few before pushing to a large scale deployment. It’s similar to the first one, but made from much better quality material, comes with a screen protector AND a touch screen pen (and a few slots to put it when not in use). We have to date purchased around 8 iPads over the past 3 years as they are broken beyond use. He eats everything, flooring, car seats, the lot, and when the iPad is out of charge, or not doing what he wants, he launches it at the ground with extreme force. It is made from impact-resistant polycarbonate and double-enforced with a shock absorbing silicone inner-sleeve. But, rather than let them send random emails to your entire contact list and Like inappropriate posts on Facebook, it's probably best to load your iPad with a few apps to keep them busy.
It sees users learn the alphabet by sliding "talking" letters into place to spell various words. The marvelously quirky hand-drawn style makes it almost as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids.

However, this time there's less imagination needed for the wonderfully simple games and animated activities. To keep it interesting there are five images and sounds for each of the 72 objects, which includes animals, vehicles and musical instruments. Gregory House or Bertie Wooster depending on where you know him from) this is another often requested app in my household.
It introduces children to the numbers 0-9 through a series of games and activities that include things like arranging rods from longest to shortest, or learning to draw numbers by tracing them on the screen. Complete with his distinctive illustration style the app consists of interactive games that teach about things like colors, animals, shapes and numbers. That's because music can be played by simply tapping the screen, which also produces pleasing visuals. In its most basic mode it will display and say the number of fingers which are making contact with the screen.
Maily is a parent-controlled email account that makes it easy to create images and messages and then share them.
Users cook food for one of four characters and then feed them to see if they like the meal.
Users can also select instrument sounds and even play along with basic tunes by pressing the key highlighted by sparkling stars.
They then get to meet a variety of animated barnyard animals as they hear the noises they make and how to say their names. What's best, creations don't have to take up all that space on your fridge, they can be shared online or saved to the iPad. While learning how to identify letters, their sounds and how to draw them, users get to watch 80 Sesame Street clips including the classic alphabet song and discover 75 Sesame Street coloring pages. And although we've tried to include the best that we know of, we'd love to hear what other apps your little ones are enjoying, so please let us know in the comments section. However, if you are going to leave you're precious one alone with your child, you might want to invest in a suitable case to protect it from accidental drops and slobber. It is environmentally safe, hazard free of harmful materials and has no taste or appealing odor so it's perfect for young children who like to taste things. The dock connector is protected from the elements with a foam flap that covers the opening when it is not in use.
All personal information collected is used solely to contact our customers in regards to new products and special offers. The case has reinforced bumpers corners, protecting the most fragile part of the device as well as a textured finish making the device easier for small hands to grip. Whether you want to select a design from the huge caseable collection or upload your own artwork or photos you can visualize and preview the whole process right there on the site. It protects the iPad on all edges, back and front as well as containing the inbuilt magnetic strip that allows the iPad to wake automatically when the case is opened. Recommended for older kids, the tablet sleeve comes in a range of sizes for different devices and is perfect for students who need cheap and simple protection for carrying their iPad in their bag or backpack. The case includes a built in screen protector for additional protection also comes in sizes for the iPad Mini and iPad Pro. Perfect for students or kids who are iPad power users, this simple case can transform your iPad into a much more versatile machine. It has multiple layers for extra protection from bumps and chewing and has re-enforced corners that should protect against dropping. Users are given instructions of shapes to draw around the iPad, which then become parts of the animated animal on screen.
There are also addition and subtractions games in which older children answer sums with their fingers. There's also the option to record your own (or your child's) voice saying the names of the animals. Not just your regular case with a picture of Elmo, these are designed from the ground up to engage, entice and endure play with children of all ages. With options for all iPad models as well as phones, Chromebooks, and pretty much every device under the sun, you can spend hours messing with ideas for your very own personalized iPad case. With all the kids apps available in the App Store, the iPad makes a great tablet for young kids. Four color options( orange, blue, lime and pink) means that you’ve many options to choose from for your boy or girl. Parents just need to make sure they have proper protection for their tablets before handing them over to their children.

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