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Joy Berry’s bestselling potty training books are now interactive eBooks to help your child learn to use the potty and lessen fears around it. The daily potty tracking tool allows you to track and view your child’s progress as he or she learns to master the potty. Tilt your iPhone side to side to slide the potty back and forth at the bottom of the screen. The advice section in this app is based on Joy Berry’s bestselling potty training books and kits. The Joy Berry brand of books is dedicated to diversity and the delivery of media in many formats and languages.

Joy Berry is the bestselling author of more than 250 books (85 million copies sold) that teach children of all ages about good behavior, life lessons, and responsibility.
Joy Berry began her more than 30 year career teaching in the Ontario and Arcadia school districts in Southern California, and continues her work in schools and community centers in the New York area. The books are narrated by children and feature fully animated and interactive scenes showcasing the potty and how to handle using it. This will prompt you to enter information so the Potty Training Diploma can be E-mailed to you.
In this app you’ll find the interactive eBook is available for both boys and girls, in English and Spanish.

Each book features a main character and a cute kitten or puppy mascot that speaks when touched. Please note, you’ll need an Internet connection and have mail configured on your device.

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