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You can also use a paper cup or even enlist the help of a small child to remove the iPod or iPhone from the toilet water.
When you remove your dried out iPod or iPhone from the rice bowl 48 hours later, please wipe it down very carefully with antibacterial cleaning products. The last thing you want is toilet germs and bacteria all over your fingers when you're trying to use your iPod.
Restart - The hard drive might have gotten a little whacked out of shape if it hit the edge of the toilet during the fall. Diagnostic Mode - Putting your iPod into Diagnostic Mode will help you determine if your iPod has any physical damage. Cracked LCD Screen - A cracked screen isn't something the average person will be able to fix on their own. Battery Issues - If your device won't hold a charge, then the water most likely got to the battery.

Apple’s iPhone 6, just two days old, set a company record with upwards of 4 million pre-orders—though some early birds are simply flushing money down the toilet.
We all had a good laugh at the Australian teen who dropped his new iPhone on live TV, but that’s nothing compared to the ignominy of having lost it to the commode.
Idk which is worst, the guy who dropped his iPhone 6 or me dropping phone in the toilet while it's flushing. Summary of my wife's first day with her iPhone 6: my daughter hasn't put it in the toilet yet. Other people seem to be dropping old phones in the toilet on purpose, just so they’ll have an excuse to shell out a few hundred bucks for a newer model. Prisons use algorithms to predict recidivism, but the code is biased against black offenders.
Grab some of the food storage solutions, and you’ll save even more money when less food is put to waste.

The iPhone is even worse because you need to be able to place the device near your face to answer phone calls. If your iPod fails any of these tests, then you'll need to have a professional take a look at it.
Such an accident confirms the dirty truth we try not to think about: that everyone surfs the Web while shitting. You can also try placing the iPod rice bowl over a warm place, such as a heater or warm air vent.

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