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You are using Internet Explorer 6 or older, which is no longer fully supported on this site. Thanks to your child's improved diction and grammar, you should be able to understand more than three-quarters of what he's saying now.
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First of all, put in mind that your child’s physique is fragile and his mind is still playful.
You can also start when you see that he shows that he is comfortable having the potty around. If you are dedicated to teach your child to use the potty, you will go through everything and find every means and ways to accomplish it. Once your child is equipped and well-taught, he will be able to independently do things and will even willingly perform his little responsibility of going to the potty.

If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult a doctor or other healthcare professional.
You might think that at three years old, he is very ready to potty but then, it is the other way around. If he starts observing the potty and even sits on it without crying then you just hit your jackpot.
You should always think and consider the interest of your child when teaching him this sort of things. Just have a good time in doing this and always be reminded that in potty training your child, do not start too early or too late. Share your experiences (good and not so good) with other parents-to-be and let us know if you have any helpful tips. So as much as possible, start it as soon as you see that your child is able to understand what is a potty.

Try reading through our article and get some proper and practical ways to determine when to start potty training. When the child shows that he is interested in using the potty that is the time you will start. He will never be complete if he goes out to the world not ready and equipped by your teachings. When you start too early he might hesitate and panic and if you start too late he might resist it and you will start all over again too late than planned.

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