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TPC San AntonioIt’s as if nature knew that the game of golf would one day be played here, and shaped the land accordingly.
Whether you select a golf school, private lesson series, specialty clinic, or a new golfer lesson series, your game will improve with the expertise of the TOURAcademy at TPC San Antonio. We start working with Juniors at age 10 and our programs are very in depth, including practice sessions on Trackman, 9 Hole playing lessons and private lessons utilizing 3D technology when we feel 3D is necessary, which is in the skills phase of athletic development. Our junior programs are very competitively priced and offer your golfer a great ability to learn in a state of the art facility with some of the highest trained junior coaches in the state.

Our Junior Programs are designed for two levels of players, the High School Competitive player and the younger or less experienced player.
TGA Premier Junior Golf and The Loma Club offer an unforgettable experience for your child by combining expert instruction, course play and exciting activities that keep students engaged all day. We integrate Trackman, AMM 3D  and the Long Term Athletic Development tactics as taught by the Titleist Performance Institute to offer your Junior Golfer the best in Golf Instruction. We follow the TPI Junior Coach philosophies in our Junior Programs, which encourage proper physical golf conditioning in addition to golf instruction.

With a low clinic to instructor ratio and group pairings by age and skill, TGA clinics provide ample individual attention and proper instruction for your child. Our juniors have received Golf Scholarships to top schools such as Yale, Pepperdine, University of Oregon, University of the Pacific, San Jose State University, Harvard, Cal State East Bay and U.C.

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