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The appetite for self-help books has led to the publication of over 2000 new self-help books a year. Lots of exercises for overcoming a variety of problems using a cognitive behavioural approach.
This is an excellent workbook for helping to deal with a wide variety of emotional problems using cognitive strategies. This book provides strategies for dealing with your voice of doom which holds you back from something you want or need to do.
A wonderfully helpful guide to understanding and coping with Attention Deficit Disorder in everyday life.
This is a best seller and excellent resource for those living with a partner who is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. This is an excellent book for adult children of alcoholics in which each chapter deals with a specific time along the path of healing and developing a new sense of belonging. In this step by step guide you will learn to identify, undertsand, respond to and cope with hostile feelings. This is the last book by the ground breaking author Ross on her research and writings about death and dying. Poetry, common sense and advice is interwoven into this guide to coping with a loss through death, divorce, rape, robbery or less obvious losses. Based on psychological research this book shows you how optimists do better in life and how you can become more optimistic.
This self-help book is filled with logs, charts, step by step guides to help enhance your self esteem and discover the secret joys of daily life. This is a classic best seller because of the way it explains the anger in women's lives, how to express it in order to turn angger into a constructive force that can reshape a woman's life.
A classic on parenting with wit and wisdom, this book is also available on audio and video tapes.
The goal of this practical parenting book is teach parents methods that affirm the dignity and humanity of parents and children. An excellent help to parents in understanding the unpleasant conflict of warring brothers and sister.

A very humorous look at how to survive your teenagers, this work is written by a well respected Canadian psychologist.
Through questionnaires discover your parenting style, and then learn how to help your child learn to become emotionally intelligent and socially well-adjusted. This humourous parenting book is good for helping parents provide non-punitive discipline for children aged 6-12. Written by a Paediatrician and Assistant Professor at the School of Medicine at UCLA, this book has been claimed by some as a 'life saver' for parents who are at their wits end with a crying baby. This book focuses on both "nature" (your child's inborn temperament) and "nurture" (the impact of the environment on your child). An insightful book that explores all aspects of bullying and what is needed to stop the violence.
For parents of children who are easily frustrated and have difficulty managing their anger this is a good resource. This is a superb book written for all people, children and adults with ADHD.There is a thorough description of treatment possibilities.
This book describes how ADHD effects the lives of parents and children and provides many pratical and effective methods for helping them succeed.
An excellent Canadian guide for separated parents who want to minimize the damage done to children during and after the parental separation and divorce. This book provides wonderful practical advice to those of us who find ourselves caught between the responsibilities of work, family and providing care to elderly relatives. This book, based on extensive research, helps you assess your own relationship's strenths and weaknesses. The authors provide you with vital tools to help you regain affection and romance lost through the years of ineffective communication. A step by step guide of strategies to improve your marriage, and prevent divorce by learning positive solutions rather than focusing on problems. This book is a six-step plan for preserving marital intimacy and rekindling romance after baby arrives. Whether the narcissist in your life is your co-worker, your boss, your parent or your spouse, this is a book that tells you how to learn to cope with a narcissist and how to disengage from one.

This is an excellent book which explains to partners how they can help themselves through the shattering crisis of infidelity.
This book helps you to learn to let go of the cripling anger and pain of caused by betrayal.
With original research and case examples, this book outlines a step by step guide through the process of infidelity - from suspicion and revelation to rebuilding trust and recovering your sanity after the infidelity is over.
A best seller for many years, this book has been helpful for those hurting after a divorce.
A brief and engaging story which will help you focus on what will make you happy and successful in your work and personal life.
As a society, we have become more focused on self improvement than at any other time in history. It is not just helpful to adults with ADD but also to parents of children and adolescents struggling with this disorder as they gain insight into how ADD impacts their child's life.
The author's personal experience describes self-care strategies and ways to feel less responsible for others. This ecumenical guide begins with "Do You Have a Problem?" and ends with "Relapse Prevention" with lots of excercises and practical advice on nutrition, communication, relaxation and making amends.
It helps parents identify and understand problem behaviours and how to develop an effective plan to bring about change.
Whether you have been betrayed by your spouse,a friend or your parent, you will find help in the ideas here.
It is a step by step program to help putting your life back together with right balance of shoulder-to-cry-on and kick-in-the-pants to help you through.

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