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Brand new 110cc youth atvs RED, BLUE, BLACK, CAMO GREEN, PINK CAMO, Spider-Man black and red  WARANTY ! New 4 stroke 110cc Kids ATV comes Dual front drum brakes and a rear hydraulic disc brake, complete with parking brake. Compact chassis design with longer seat: contributes to a very low center of gravity allowing the rider to steer accurately and efficiently.
There are inherent risks involved in using any BOR MOTO SPORT BOR MOTORSPORTS product, including but not limited to:serious physical injury, and possibly death. You are getting an excellent machine, great quality, and the same features as the larger name brand manufacturers. So if you are looking for a small quad at a cheap price you have found the right place all our atvs come with a limited bumper to bumper warranty.

Description: This is a 110cc Kid ATV with Automatic Transmission, Foot Brake, Remote Control and Rear Rack. A longer seat provide more room for extra movement which contributes a well balanced and comfort ride. Don't be fooled by others offering the same atvs at a lower price even if they look the same don't mean the quality is the same. Easy electric start: electric keyed starting system, easy to start for any riders and secure your property.
The Seller will not beheld liable under any circumstance for incidental or consequential loss or damage or injury, due directly or indirectly to the use of this product, including any malfunction from negligence or defect. We have weeded through several youth ATV manufactures and only sell, in our opinion, the most reliable and durable children's atvs on the market today!

The seller makes no claims as to the suitability of this product for any specific purpose or use. Buyer understands that the use of the product can cause injury or death to themselves or others.
Once buyer submits A payment this will serve as purchaser agreement to releasing seller of any and all responsibilities of item such as stated above.
By PURCHASING OUR product , you acknowledge that you have read and understood, and you agree, to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and you represent that you are of legal age (age 18 or older) to enter this Agreement and become bound by its terms.

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