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When we are talking about cute kids haircuts, we have to take into consideration practical things and comfort also.
Okay-so all those people I reported I should submit a support ticket about them at the Help Desk? Remember you told me in another thread to contact you regarding all those people I reported?
And I only wrote to you because it was appearing that our responses to you via the Help Desk were not getting through (which can happen -- check your spam folder). So if you want to give your daughter a new haircut, choose from among the many short straight haircuts for girls.
We want them to be fashionable, still having a haircut that is easy to manage in the mornings before taking them to kindergarten or school.

Put yer eye on a collection of the worst haircuts that’ll surely scare you away from goin’ to the barber! You said I sent reports and people were trying to contact me regarding them and I didn't repond to them? When I was a kid I was made fun off because I had an Afro but now retro stuff is fashoniable.
Although kids are not as particular about fashion as the adults, they still want to look cute.
An actress, or an important person, starts a fad, it catches on with people, and it becomes popular.
So select from among the trendy short straight hair styles for kids and give your daughter a whole new look today.

A blunt cut will also allow you to tie ponytails in her hair, something that always looks good in a child.
This is a popular hairstyle for kids as they simply can keep their hair tidy without having to do a thing! These cuts are however more suited for a slightly older child as the bangs will require some amount of care.

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