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Getting into kids modeling agencies is an incredibly hard; with so many strict rules and plenty of competition it may seem impossible to get your foot in the door. There are a few things you and your child should remember before trying to make your way into the modeling world. Secondly you need to remember that becoming a child model will require a ton of time, effort, and most importantly, dedication.
If you believe your child has what it takes to strive in the modeling world, than finding an agent for your child is the very first step. Hi I have a very handsome boy who can do kids modelling its something I always wanted for him, he is five years old. For 10 year old Thylane Loubry Blondeau, it became a reality when she posed for Vogue Magazine. I have 2 boys, so I don’t have the same outrage that a lot of moms with little girls have.
I know as a ten year old little girl, I would have loved to have gotten all dolled up and shot for Vogue (however, since I was chubby, had big buck teeth and wore glasses, Vogue prolly would have never called me), and I know for a fact my parents would have NEHEVERRR allowed it.
Everyone is pointing fingers at her parents, but the fashion industry should take some responsibility too. Even from the days of young Brooke Shields, the Industry has been glorifying young girls as the ideal body and beauty image. Despite how grown up she looks in many of her pictures, at 10 years old, she should still be enjoying wearing shoes that light up when she walks, staying up late watching Nickelodeon, and dreaming of Justin Beiber.
Luckily for children it is a lot easier for them to make their way into the modeling world than adults; however they, too, are required to beat out their competition and make their mark in the agencies.

Without those three things you and your child will never be able to strive in the kids modeling agencies world. Begin with a couple of extravagant photos and ensuring your child has a killer personality before trying to find an agent. It’s something about the whole leopard print, pouty lips, suggestive posing, stillettos, full make up that just CREEPS ME OUT! And to think of all the perverts looking at these pics and what runs through their minds??? There is nothing wrong with young girls pursuing modeling, but the Industry seems to perpetuate this standard of young girls gracing Catwalks, Covers, and Campaigns for adult products. Elle Fanning, 13 is the face of Marc by Marc Jacobs, while True Grit star Hailee Steinfeld, 14 is the latest face of Miu Miu. I think she is a very cute little girl, and she looks the prettiest with little makeup and more natural shots. If it is acceptable for a 10 year old to look like this, what will the standards be at 15 years old?
I donte see what all the fuss is all about leave the girls alone if she wants to pose lije a model well that’s up to her not you boring people, So get a life you lot.
There are several different things your child can do to make it easier for them to embark on their way in the modeling world and make it to the top kids modeling agencies across the country. To get into kids modeling agencies make sure your child has a certain “spark” about them that sets them apart from the rest of the children in the world. If you live extremely far from any of these areas than you will most likely have a more difficult time getting your child into the modeling world.

The easiest way to get discovered is through an audition in which kids modeling agencies is holding. These kinda pics are generally cheesey to me when it’s models in their 20s and 30s…but seeing a 10 year old simulate poses that conjure thoughts of being sexy and suggesting sex are just downright GAH-ROSE!!!! This doesn’t mean your child has to have drop dead gorgeous looks; if their personality shines through to the fullest in combination with a distinct and beautiful look, they will certainly be considered in the modeling agencies.
When you decide to sign your child up with an agency you will most likely receive a lot of “nos” before you begin to receive “yeses”. While you can undoubtedly send some killer photos to modeling agencies, agencies would much rather see your child in person so they can see their true looks and gage their personalities.
You must have the spirit in no position to judge these porn pictures, sex and else again, especially in the model was only 10 years! Giving up after the first set of “nos” will only halt your child’s rise to the top of the modeling world. I see by looking at these beautiful little girls one up and dressed with clothing and jewelry from his mother.
If you truly want to strive in this field then you must be extremely dedicated and ready to work through all of the negativity. You must also be willing to always try your hardest in all situations, especially when it comes down to auditions.

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