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Discover what to do, where to stay and what to see in New York City with our planning tool. Enjoy Shakespeare in the Park, the Museum Mile Festival, Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks and more. Wireless Internet is available at locations throughout NYC—including many parks and libraries.
New York City is made up of five boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. I’m watching Project Runway during a crazy thunderstorm with people shouting in the streets.
My brother and I rented bikes and they were falling apart so badly, my seat came off and I had to sit on the post!
My family and I love to watch Project Runway, so one night we were watching it on the Internet, and we saw all these flashing lights outside our window. In Uruguay, we looked at a stone building almost 300 years old and climbed the staircase to the top of the lighthouse.
What a wonderfully well-written post, one that (don’t tell your mom this!) I found a LOT more informative than hers. A wall that wraps around the museum is filled with more than one million marbles that light up at night. In the Glenwood south area is one of the best spots for young kids—Playspace, a museum that teaches through creative activities and just plain fun.
My family has been here a couple times even though its a bit of a drive for us it is definitly worth it.
NCA worked with the City of Middletown and The Connection to rescue, relocate and repurpose a Greek Revival structure. Psst…Be sure to check out the membership pages linked below for additional benefits far beyond your year-round entrance fees. In an informal poll, the Woodland Park Zoo was the most highly sought after membership by families in the Seattle area, and for good reason: there’s something for everyone!
For a city-dwellers along the sea, a membership to the Seattle Aquarium is sure to instill a life-long love of all the cuddly and prickly creatures that live in the briny depths off our shore.
For a city full of kids who have parents skilled in engineering, aeronautics, technology and adventure-travel, the Museum of Flight is the perfect place to unleash those great little minds to dream big about the wide world. For a city on the Sound, and surrounded on all sides by lakes and waterways, we’re lucky to have boats and ships (and sea planes!) galore to gaze at as well as to adventure out on. If you’re looking for a civilized tradition for your family walks and want to add some culture to your outdoor exploration, consider frequenting the Bloedel Reserve.
Perfect for families with strollers or other mobility issues, as many of the paths are paved or nicely graveled.
Although a little out-of-the-way for those north of downtown, Northwest Trek is a dream-come-true for any family that is enamored with the call of the wild. Admission includes the a narrated tour through the park in the tram (open-windowed, heated buses so you can get up close and personal with the animals) where you can see elk, moose, bighorn sheep and bison in their natural(-ish) environment.
Insider Tip: Check out the special deals for combo memberships with Point Defiance Zoo and Coscto starting at $95 per adult.
Whomever decided it was a good idea to create museums just for kids and families has earned a well-deserved spot in the Great Ideas Hall of Fame. Whether you’re a science buff, a sucker for IMAX movies, or just love the butterfly house, the Pacific Science Center is a Seattle mainstay for indoor fun no matter your age. MOHAI in South Lake Union is a wonderful indoor activity for families with kids of all ages, but the membership program is particularly great for families with older kids since children under 14 are free.
If history is your thing, the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma is full of cool paraphernalia from the past. And if international culture is more your pace, then the Burke Museum will be your cup of tea. In this age of gift cards and Groupons, a membership or annual pass is the type of out-of-the-box-and-into-the-envelope thinking that will give you a year’s supply of good times for your family. Did we miss your favorite membership? Click here for more local gift ideas and other holiday season events and activities in Seattle! Want More Seattle Adventures?Let us help you be the rock star mom (or dad) we know you are! With fun, educational exhibits that teach children about world cultures, history, science and nature, including live animals and a collection of 30,000 historical artifacts, even parents will enjoy it. I was so tired I didn’t even care about the apartment; the first thing I did was find a bed and sleep in it. We found a taxi (not that hard — there are taxis swarming around everywhere) and got in it.
The mall is huge — it has about 200 stores, an amusement park inside the mall, a kids museum, an arcade, about 50 cafes and restaurants, and way more.
All around it was a foundation where a house once was and the foundation was made up with all these stone bricks. All of the kids were between the ages of 9 to 11, and they were wearing uniforms that were long white button-down shirts and navy blue ties around their necks. We have been to many museums in several states and this one stands out in price, size, and fun! After our first visit to Marbles, the kids announced, "This is the BEST kids museum, ever!" Who can argue with that?

The Toddler Town area was amazing - not only did they have structures such as a fire truck, city bus, farmers market, ambulance, and post office, but they have costumes to sweeten the experience for your child.
There was something for each our kids to enjoy in each room.-whether it was science, dress-up, or something active.
There are several different levels of play including role-play, building, music and even a space to create your own website! There is so much to do for a variety of age groups its definitly an all day thing and you won't be bored. Our membership has recently run out, so we can not afford to go much, but we made the most of it when we did have a membership. By moving the period home to a city-owned parcel, Middletown’s gateway was enhanced.  NCA also found a home for the KID CITY museum. The zoo has tons of outdoor space to run around (including playgrounds if you get tired of just looking at animals), indoor play space available year-round at Zoomazium, and excellent educational opportunities. The Aquarium is particularly great for the Pre-K crowd as well as any budding environmentalists in your family who want to learn more about conservation efforts that affect the waters in the Pacific Northwest. With all sorts of planes that you can see and touch (and climb inside!), this museum fulfills the Seattle requirements of being both a super cool (and educational) place to get your wiggles out, as well as being indoors.
Valid for over a week once you start to use it (9 days to be exact), your CityPASS will take you to the Space Needle (twice!), the Aquarium, the Pacific Science Center, on an Argosy Cruise around the Seattle harbor, the EMP Museum and to either the Woodland Park Zoo or the Museum of Flight.
If you and your family are already avid hikers, campers, snowshoers, bird-watchers or beach-goers (or maybe this year is finally the year you commit to getting outside more), why not get your Discover Pass early and start planning a super-fun winter excursion or your camping trips for spring. If you have a budding sailor (or pirate!) in your midst, then a membership to the Center for Wooden Boats will be sure to delight.
Then take a walk through their awesome zoo where you’ll see grizzly bears, wolves and cougars, along with many other native-to-the-Northwest species.
These play-based learning centers are full of hands-on, interactive exhibits that will keep your kiddos entertained for hours and serve as an awesome gathering place for groups of families looking to get out together. Twirl Cafe on Queen Anne offers a great menu of treats and munchables along with classes and a cute play space perfect for crawlers on up through Pre-K. If you’ve got tweens or teens (or even elementary school kids) who are showing the signs of being early adrenaline junkies, Emerald City Trapeze Arts is a great way to indulge their desire to jump from extreme heights in (relative) safety and to learn from the pros! Older kids will enjoy some of the more indepth exhibits, like the Bezos Center for Innovation, and adults and grandparents will get a kick out of the uniquely Seattle characters on display like J.P Patches.
For full-on nerdery, membership doubles as admissions to the Capital Museum in Olympia as well as the Washington state Historical Society.
Your kiddos young and old will particularly dig the Pacific Voices exhibit with masks, costumes and totems from native peoples across the Pacific, as well as timely new exhibits like one the Elwha River (which could definitely serve as a jumping off point for a research paper). This museum is great not only for music lovers, but also for families who may have a hidden love for sci-fi (any Star Wars fans out there?) or parents who can recite entire sections of The Princess Bride. Sign up for our picks for the best things to see, do, eat and explore with your kids in Seattle. There’s also a special area for children under five, with activities specially geared toward the youngest of youngsters and how they learn.
But then lights covered the sky, rain was hitting the windows like bullets and we heard a boom of thunder. Since Kyle and I were the only Americans there with blond hair and blue eyes, all the kids wanted to talk to us. I felt the exact same way in Mexico with everyone around me saying things i don’t understand and then me saying no hablo espanol!!!! At Marbles Kids Museum, kids are encouraged to use their marbles - learning new things through imagination, discovery and play. This massive, imagination-sparking, colorful blast of stimuli is a good three hours' worth of entertainment, all for the low-low price of $5 per person. A special section for infants and toddlers provides an opportunity for Mom and Dad to play, too. Northeast Utilities’ public service campaign highlighted the museum’s geothermal heating system and generated interest in expanding the museum.
In addition to a bevy of baby animals, the new tiger exhibit will soon be open and is sure to be a hit with members new and old! Membership benefits include early admissions to the aquarium on select days, which means you get the place all to yourself!
An added bonus when you want to take the your WWII history-buff Gramps out for a weekend adventure, but it’s pouring cats and dogs. Check out the Northwest Forest Pass for easy year-round access to all of Washington and Oregon’s National Forest lands, or surprise your family with a multi-state road trip this summer and get them the Annual National Park Pass. Membership gives you 20-40% off of boat and canoe rentals at the CWB, so if you’re an experienced rower or sailor you can get underway right away.
Although smaller in size than the Reserve, Seattle’s Japanese Garden has a spectacular offering of seasonal flowers and trees.
There’s also the Discovery Center where you can get some hands-on learning about local animals. They also have blessedly early (and late!) hours for families where the kiddos awake pre-dawn and you just gotta get out of the house. The newly-opened ROMP in Bellevue has a light and modern ambiance, and a full kitchen for you to use  (or great order-in options too). Members also get access to free laser and planetarium shows year round as well as a number of free IMAX and guest passes to the Science Center.

The 3 story ship allowed your scallywag to hoist up the anchor, drive the ship or lookout from the observation tower. NCA more than doubled the program space with an Italianate wing that recalls the architectural development of Middletown’s historic neighborhoods and provides expanded display and activity areas. If you’re new to boating (or boat making), membership also provides up to $250 off of some of their amazing classes and workshops (including ones just for young people like kayak building or paddle carving, or how about a family sailing class?). Its meticulous maintenance might make you feel guilty about your own yard, but it is also the perfect spot for a serene moment with your family and to honor the connection that the Northwest has to Japan and Asia. And although not included in the membership price, Northwest Trek also has outrageous zip lines and ropes courses for kids ages six and up that you’ll certainly want to add into your plans. For the little ones, there’s a large, active-play area, as well as ample space for your kiddos to do everything from paint a masterpiece to build forts to play dress-up. So whether you’re home with the kiddos and need something to fill that pre-nap gap on Wednesday mornings, or you want to spend some quality weekend time learning songs for your next road trip, our guide to kids music classes around Seattle is sure to find a winner that fits your family. There’s also fun kid spaces in the museum that will give your young Monets the opportunity to finally get their hands on some of the art-sy goodies. There are two lofts, three bathrooms, TV’s in all of the bedrooms (which I can’t watch because the channels are in Spanish), a living room,  kitchen, balcony, and electric piano. Then we finally got it: people were screaming in joy because Argentina won a big match against Peru. There are different areas of interest throughout the museum and each area has something for children of all ages. We visited on a Saturday and it was jammed packed, so I would recommend a weekday visit so that your child is able to explore more freely.
My girls really enjoyed it and want to go back asap!!!  I can't wait to take them there myself!!! They can learn about the adult world at the child-size town that includes a grocery store, cafe, music room, hospital, and more. This is also an amazing membership idea is you have any budding photographers in your crew. A fun membership advantage is that Trek members also get 20% off admission to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma. He leaned over and opened our doors, screaming, and I think he wanted us to get out, but we were so confused we just sat there. Empanadas are any kind of meat or cheese or vegetables wrapped in soft bread like a pizza pocket; they are so good!
You just earned yourself $1 off admission!My children range in age from 5 to nearly-13 and they all have a blast at Marbles. There are tons of special and seasonal events, as well as Members Only events (if you're local and have more than 2 children, the membership is a fantastic value). There's a place where kids can dress up in uniforms for different occupations (cop, fire fighter, doctor, etc.), a stage with puppets, giant chess, and lots more.
The exhibit was all about what happens with plumbing, and there were slides and tunnels to climb through — but I was too big do it! I like them way better in glass bottles because there’s less carbonation and more flavor. They can pretend to drive an ambulance, fire truck or mail delivery vehicle, they can pretend to plant veggies in a garden, shop at a market and cook in a kitchen.
My 7 year old son especially enjoys the Home Depot creation station, and my nearly-13 year old can usually be found creating her own line of fabric sample and yarn fashions upstairs. The seats have TV’s on the backs of them so you can watch TV, free movies, listen to music, chat and play games. There’s also a lot of pizza and Italian food because in the late 1800s a lot of Italians immigrated to Argentina. It certainly passed the fun test for my household, given that Eve passed out in the car on the way home. A family favorite is the mock hockey rink, where parents can take to the "ice" for an epic battle with the kiddos.
Our kids are preschoolers so we didn't spend much time upstairs, but there is a music room with lots of ethnic instruments for the kids to play with and a computer center where kids can take their picture and create their own Marble's webpage.
Marbles has much more to offer for older children upstairs but I have not spent much time there. Send them to the theater stage with instructions to put on a very long, energetic interpretation of Princess versus Pirates, complete with at least three costume changes (I've seen this. If you live in the area and have a young child, I think a membership would not be a bad investment.
Marbles does get busy with school field trips, so if you are concerned about it being too crowded you can call ahead and find out what times groups are scheduled for a certain day.
There is also no on-site eatery, but there are plenty of great places to stop and nosh in the immediate area.

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