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This unique library, built out of plywood, includes organic shapes and repeating horizontal lines that transform the space into a beautifully soothing sculptural installation.
Curl up with a book, read aloud to a friend or listen to a story.Explore the special caverns and enjoy the secret spaces. The New Children’s Museum invited third year architecture students from Woodbury University’s School of Architecture in San Diego to design and build a library space for visitors. To extend your museum experience, try the following activities at home.Creative ActionGo explore your local library, can you find any differences between it and The New Children’s Museum’s library? You are using an outdated browser, some of the features on this site will not function properly. The Billy Kid Museum, history is brought back to life as since the dates and places are replaced with the actual artifacts from the Wild West.

The tour becomes engaging as the visitors are left deciding whether Billy Kid was really as notorious as he was in the stories. The other displays include over 150 firearms from varying ages, the military cavalry sword of John Chisum, and antique automobiles that range from 1941 fire trucks, Model A?s, Model T?s, to 1956 classic cars. The juxtaposition of open areas with discreet reading nooks provide a perfect setting for children and families to delve into books individually or together. The project was structured as an internal design competition with 29 students competing on 8 teams. These are histories pertaining to people, the lives that they have lived, their personalities, and for some, their death stories. For the project, two designs that included open areas with intimate reading nooks were selected.

What improvements would you make?DiscussionDesigning a space requires thinking about a number of things: the focus activity, layout of the room, furniture, flow or how people will move through the space, aesthetics, materials, budget, lighting and more. The Museum displays his rifle, chaps and spurs, original Wanted poster, and even his hair locks. What kinds of structures and furniture need to be in place to facilitate reading and other quiet activities?

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