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There's one thing all dads have in common and that's the ability to make the corniest jokes possible. Yet here I am, without my own biological children (for a few reasons), now married to the girls' Daddy, who painfully saw his babies whisked away from his daily life after a very short and ill-fitted marriage.
It's forced me to be intentional as a Momma, to focus not just on the quantity of time we have with the kids, but also on the quality. You can often find her playing in her backyard garden of eatin' and hitting the trails with her family. Heather shares ideas weekly, on how to make life with little ones fun, creative, and beautiful.

It's no cake walk for either of us, and there's a uniquely exquisite pain at the end of a love-filled weekend when we have to say goodbye to the kids we adore. I know that the precious moments we have are creating lifelong memories, so I offer them the best I know of life, in compact chunks.
From our Friday night dinners and hikes in the woods, to pumpkin picking, holiday lights, summer trips, and snow days. After working in entertainment journalism and games design in Los Angeles, she moved to Seattle seeking new adventures. I also love that you constantly request hearing that Stevie Wonder song Dodoodoodoo (aka As). For a whole host of businesses, she writes branded copy, provides digital strategies, and helps develop products.

From Led Zeppelin and Prince, to Bowie and the B-52s ("Momma, what's a Love Shack?), you listen, love, and move to the groove. When we experience The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, and The Nutcracker, you're getting to know him. When we took you on your first camping trip and to your first National Park, my Dad was there with us.

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