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Most of us learned some of life’s most valuable lessons from our favorite 90′s television characters, have we not? Here you will draw the shapes of the eyes, and you will start this task by making the top lids thick and dark.
Next up, sketch out the shapes of the eyes, then draw the markings around the eyes which adds a flare.
Next, draw the horns, then draw the spikes on Skull Kid's mask along the sides of the face.
Finish up the mask by drawing the shape of the smaller object that is behind the facial mask. Now that the head is all done, you can start on the body beginning with the small plank pieces of wood that makes a collar around the neck.
For the last drawing step you will draw out the body which is in the form of a tied long shirt.
Last year I was on a major DBZ kick and drew a bunch of tutorials of various characters from the anime series. Draw your framework for Kid Buu, by sketching out the shape of the head, and complete body until you have a workable mannequin.
You will now sketch out the actual shape of his head which is normal in the beginning, but then tappers off on the top into a swirl looking horn. Now you will first finish drawing his arm and hand which is in a closed fist, and then draw his arm bracelet which covers most of his hand, and almost all of his forearm.
Sketch out the rest of his pants and then draw out the shoes which look a little like half boots. Clean up your drawing, when finished – erase all the auxiliary marks and lines, make the lines of your drawing look neat and smooth. To keep the momentum going I thought it would be nice to upload a lesson on "how to draw a face for kids", step by step.

These are just the various types of simplistic eyes you can use on your drawings of an easy face. Here you will draw out their hair style and as you can see I forgot to include a step where you draw the ears and front bangs first. This version of an anime person is something that I don't see a lot of artwork or lessons on.There are plenty of shows and movies that star anime children as lead characters like Ponyo and Sasuke, Chihiro from Spirited Away, and Arrietty from Secret of Arrietty.
Draw the shape of her neck, then draw in the shoulders, and ruffle lining for her dress collar. You will then draw in the pupils, then sketch out more of the marking designs scattered on the mask or face. Draw the four ringed belt, then sketch in the detailing to the legs which should also look like small tree trunks. Color him in and be sure to take your time because there is a lot of different colors to use.
Since then, I have recently dedicated a whole category section strictly for everything that has to do with Dragon Ball Z.
Next sketch out the left arm and hand which is a hidden, and then draw the belt, and begin sketching out his baggy pants. When that is done you can start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to prepare Kid Buu for color.
I do hope you had some good fun today, and I want you all to pat yourselves on the back because I guarantee that you did a great job! This is actually the face structure which will determine what types of figures you are drawing, a boy or girl. Anyways, the girl I made for you all is very cute, and she is actually based on my ten year old sister who has big eyes, long dark hair and a sweet smile.
Skull Kids are figures that play a strong role in three of the Zelda games; Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Majora's Mask.

I now find that more and more members and visitors are finding the tutorials they are looking for when it comes to this manga. Next, finish sketching out his neck and then begin drawing Buu's torso and right arm shape.
So, having said all that I have, I will now submit a new character for the new section, and it will be on “how to draw Kid Buu, step by step”. For instance, when drawing a human face, you not only have to get the head shape right, but you also have to draw in the eyes, eyebrows, and eyeballs evenly if you want a symmetrical looking person. Stop at the waist and move to the next drawing step which will also bring you closer to the end.
They also have that limp characteristic like scarecrows do and they also move about like a scarecrow would. I think it's because he was created like five million years before the story line of Dragon Ball takes place. Now since kids love drawing people, learning "how to draw a face for kids" is going to be the perfect lesson that will give you an easy approach to making a face in a very simple way.
He has the type of mindset where he will destroy his own self just to annihilate the world, pretty crazy huh?
Kid Buu made his first debut appearance in chapter #460, and not only that but, he is the last or final villain of Dragon Ball Z. I really liked drawing out this character because it took me back to the days where I was absolutely obsessed with DBZ. I want to thank the member who requested this tutorial on “how to draw Kid Buu, step by step”, because without you, I wouldn't have thought to draw him up.

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