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This amazing and beautiful train toy made for kids makes the perfect Christmas or birthday present for just about any kid within the age range of one-half and three years old. Whether indoors or outdoors, on tracks or smooth surfaces, the Peg Perego Choo Choo Express train is safe and easy to use: simply press the button on the handlebar to start. Sounds and flashing lights accompany your child's first journeys into the world, sitting comfortably on a fire-red locomotive. A figure of eight track set is also available as an optional extra for the Choo Choo ride on train. As a car captain, it's Jayden's job to teach all the passengers about the train and the amazing places it travels through. JAYDEN: "Yeah just point interests out to passengers along the trip and give them a safe trip, tell them to look out for kangaroos and animals and that. His friend's think it's a pretty cool job, and some of them are even training up to be car captains too.
JAYDEN: "They like it, they can come down to the station and have a look around and that, I tell them a bit of stuff about the Pichi Richi. JAYDEN: "I think I was two and a half, three years old when I became a member and started what I'm doing now, car captain when I was 11.
JAYDEN: "It means putting coal into the firebox which makes flame which makes heat to boil the water to make steam, it's steam that makes the pistons which makes the engine move. JAYDEN: "I like going on the engine and trying to get a lot of smoke coming off the engine and yeah.

JAYDEN: "When I get dressed it just feels like I'm just getting back on the train, and I can imagine I would've been in the olden days. And without kids like Jayden helping out railways like the Pichi Richi could one day become something you can only read about in the history books. I like how Jayden is keeping trains alive and giving up his weekend to help the community.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! It's great to know that kids like Jayden are doing this kind of thing to keep trains going.
Yeah, I think steam trains are more historical and exciting whereas modern trains aren't that exciting.
I think it would be great to have Jayden's job because you get to learn about old steam trains and be able to meet new people who come on the train. From Learner to ConductorWell, kid, I think we can safely say that your training is complete.And to think you could barely even say the words “choo choo” when we started this endeavor. Now look at you and the way you control the workings of the bustling metropolis that sits atop your KidKraft Metro Train Table & Train set. Woot may designate a user comment as a Quality Post, but that doesn't mean we agree with or guarantee anything said or linked to in that post. Don't hold back now - just indulge your kids once a year with this astonishingly cool special gift for kids from Peg Perego (ATV4kids). In the past people and supplies were carried on the train, but today it's more like a museum on wheels.

His uncle is a train driver, his grandfather was a train driver, and even his great grandfather was one too!
In the workshops we help to restore the locomotives, and when we test them, I sometimes drive them around the yard.
You barely had any idea what a train was, much less what it did or why it needed track to get from here to there. Not only are you happily directing the train over mountains and bridges, you’re using the movable crane and running the tiny airport all on your own. Some are only still operating with the help of volunteers, like the Pichi Richi railway line in South Australia.
A lot of people told me I was a fool to think you’d ever find fun and excitement within the storage of the rolling trundle of this espresso-finished table, but I knew better. I could see in your eyes the grand destiny that awaited you in those 87 pieces of safe and durable wood, birch, MDF, and plastic.
I wonder if Ringo Starr felt like this when he passed the conductor’s hat to George Carlin. We truly believe that the parents, friends and family will feel that A Kids Entertainment Co.

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