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People keep asking me how we did it, and what advice I have for those going through the shared hell of potty training. Unfortunately, that probably will entail a bit of trial and error on your part, but when you figure out what works, you’ll know it.
When we were potty training Connor, there was nothing in the world more exciting than stickers. Mason chose both Thomas and Mickey Mouse underwear, but more often than not, he refused to wear them.
I think he realized that he hated the feeling of peeing in his underwear, and he too was very upset if he peed or pooped on Thomas or Mickey.
For the first few weeks, we still used Pull-Ups when we left the house, during naps and at night, and it was a lifesaver having that peace of mind. Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above may be affiliate links. I love decorating, DIYing, crafting, baking, and cooking, and I’m constantly scouring everything I see for inspiration. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I will happily share our experience and let you know what worked for us, but my main piece of advice is this: you have to find what works for you and your toddler.
And the heavens will part, and light will shine down, and you’ll hear angels singing. When I told him he could put stickers on his chart AND on his shirt if he went in the potty, he was the happiest kid in town. He loves Mickey Mouse, and was so happy to have a chart with both his name and Mickey on it.
He got to pick out his own big boy underwear {he chose Elmo}, and he was so, SO proud to wear it.
He had been wearing Pull-Ups at night for at least a month, and had woken up dry every single morning, so I knew he was ready.
The app offers videos, songs, and a Big Kid checklist to help your little one in his or her nighttime routine. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. However, when it came to putting stickers on it, some days he was all about it, and others he couldn’t have cared less.

I decided we were doing potty training boot camp, so when he woke up that morning, I stuck him in underwear immediately after he peed on the potty.
They can earn stars for various milestones, and then use those stars to unlock fun Disney games.
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. That, and the fact that he’s obsessed with the Lightning McQueen {or, as he calls him, Masonqueen} design of the Pull-Ups.
I was preparing myself for quite a long day, but then something clicked in his brain and that was it. Literally, since that last accident that day well over a month ago, he has had one accident, and that was only because he couldn’t get to the potty on time.

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