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Building on the popularity of our current Kids' Zone and responding to huge visitor demand, on Monday 18 July 2011 we will be launching a new Kids’ Zone - a brand new soft-play area, which will be bigger, brighter and better. My kids love the Kids’ Zone - particularly the castle but also all the other toys and activities.
Listening to the innovative ideas and suggestions of parents, carers and the Museum’s youngest users, the new Kids’ Zone is set to be an exciting, fresh space for kids aged 0-8 years to learn, explore and play in a historically inspired, colourful environment. Read the full terms and conditions for the new Kids' Zone and subscribe to our KidZine for email updates.
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To help you save on the new product you can print a coupon valid for $2.00 off the purchase of any one Multipack of Kids Zone Bars at Target.

Welcome to the City of Playford Kids Zone where you'll find activities for all ages, relating to Playford and its environment. These resources are available for download by teachers who would like to use local government related activites in their teaching programs, as well as parents looking for free activities to keep the kids amused.
A cleverly built trailer that lies on the ground hydraulically with three children’s rides. The kid zone is filled with fun activities to keep young ones occupied during the long winter months.
Send us your best work on one of our winter activity colouring pages (found here) and send it our way to be featured on our Hall of Fame!
I hope you’ll make the new Zone bigger and better but with the same attention to detail and imagination you have here.

Any views expressed in user comments do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of the National Army Museum or its staff. When you're not outside enjoying the snow, warm up inside with exciting games, contests, puzzles and more!
The Kids Zone three-in-one consists of the small Chair-O-Plane (this ride spins in a circular motion lifitng 12 children half a meter into the air), the mini motorbike ride (takes 6 children on a safe yet thrilling motorbike ride) and the hydraulic space shuttle ride (spins then lifts 16 chidren into orbit before coming back to land).

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