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Gun rights advocate Jeffry Smith says he won’t be packing heat as he originally planned when he heads to the St.
The zoo’s filing describes its educational mission, an on-site pre-school that “utilizes the entire 90-acre campus of St. Smith says the zoo, by its own description, is “a government agency” and “clearly isn’t an amusement park,” which he sees as profit-making businesses on private property. A group opposed to guns at the zoo was organizing a protest to counter Smith’s event Saturday. The signs at the zoo drew attention after a man from Springfield, Mo., said he was asked to leave the zoo on Memorial Day after asking about the signs.
Even if, assuming arguendo that the Zoo is an amusement park (it is not because they do not charge admission, they are free, they are in a special tax zone, and thus don’t pay taxes as an amusement park, and they receive tax support from st. 5) They will owe MASSIVE refunds to all residents of the County since they now admit they are no longer a public entity.
If I’m remembering things correctly, wouldn’t the position the zoo is taking essentially cause them to lose the endowment under which all of Forest Park operates?
I have read, on more than one occasion, where zoo inhabitants have escaped, and mauled, and, or killed visitors to a park. Speaking of gorilla attacks, did you hear about the guys wife that got pulled through the bars, by a gorilla, when she got too close to it’s cage.
People in PA loves them some guns (sans P-Town and Philly) and I’d have thought Texas would be the same damn way. Some major jackhole from out of state decides to announce to the world that he is going to storm that place in Saint Louis known to be a haven for thugs, thieves, and generally no-good shanigans…the Saint Louis Zoo. Watch it Paul, after I confessed in another TTAG post that a similar obsessed clown who looks like a bald Mitch Miller and sounds like Wally Cox would make me “nervous” if I saw him parading around an airport terminal slinging a loaded M4 carbine, some busybody named “Chip” climbed on my back and ridiculed me for it.

It isn’t as if I just had the misfortune of running into McCain online in the last few days. All the liberty in the world, Rights guaranteed, but everyplace is designated a gun-free zone. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Louis Zoo on Saturday. Smith, 56, of the Cincinnati area, says he believes the zoo has failed to prove its ban on guns and other weapons is legal, but he will not defy a city judge’s order barring him from entering the zoo with a firearm. And the Zoo is contorting itself like a nauseated python in order to argue that it now qualifies as a no-go zone for gas. Throw out that fourth one, gun-free zone signs posted by businesses open to the public mean nothing in MO.
Sam Peyton, 40, said he left his own handgun in his car in compliance with the signs but still wore his empty inside-the-waistband holster.
The county commission of all counties shall, not later than the month of November in each year, impose by order entered of record a license tax such as the commission may deem proper and reasonable, to become effective on the succeeding first day of January of each year, upon all . However, you could be denied access to the premises or may be removed from the premises for doing so. There was an incident, not too long ago, maybe a couple, three years ago, where a tiger jumped up and out of the pit, attacked and killed a boy.
Or they did before the legislature passed open and campus carry bills in the last few days. He had planned to go armed with a holstered .45-caliber handgun Saturday afternoon — and invited other armed zoo-goers to join him— to test the zoo’s policy, a move that has put the St. Unless, you know, you include Ferguson and its knock-on effects on criminal activity in the city of St.

He said he and wife visited the zoo, and as he left, he asked security guards about the signs. If both sides push this one hard enough, it could very well end up in the Missouri Supreme Court where the black-robed solons may scratch their chins over what features a park must have before it’s considered the same as, say, Six Flags. Louis’ OC restrictions do not apply to CCW holders so legally speaking, a CCW holder can OC into the St. Louis, which has given the usual Democrat machine suspects new impetus to advocate for more 2A restrictions.
Louis zoo, and told them I am encouraging all friends, family and co workers to spend their $$$ elsewhere. The gym where I (fairly) regularly worked out offered child care so the moms in yoga pants could pump iron and do the downward dog.
I stated that they are being racists against law abiding citizens like me and my wife who have CCW licenses here in Missouri. You can use an animal shaped mold, but she used a round circle mold, then used a fine decorating tip to pipe the details onto their face.
Make the leaves a couple days ahead of time, and let them dry (make a few extra for breakage). You can put the details (different colors) in before you pour the main color, or you can use a small detail brush, or fine tipped decorator bag and paint or pipe the details on after the molded chocolate has hardened.Ebay is another good source for the chocolate molds. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Search This Site: Let's Connect!

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