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Possible Gross Out Warning?If youa€™re eating right now, you might want to come back in an hour because Ia€™m going to be graphic. Consisting of a privacy tent, a foldable commode chair, restroom kit, and a 7 pack of Urinelle's (Female Urinary Device) for women, this port-o-let is perfect for long hours of tailgating. Taking up only a 4ft x 4ft area, it can be easily positioned in between parked cars, or right next to your group. The foldable commode chair is able to support up to 250 lbs with a padded seat and side storage pockets for extra hygienic supplies.
When it's time to go to the game, disassemble the chair and tent for storage then throw the waste containment bags away with your normal trash.

We've even seen a pediatric GI and got nothing more than the miralax regimen as a plan of action.
Waste containment bags in the kit are disposable, leak-proof, and turn human waste in an environmentally safe and odorless solid in less than 1 minute. Packed with anti-septic wipes and toilet tissue, you have everything you need to avoid the nasty port a johns. Since women have a more difficult time relieving themselves when tailgating or in a stadium, there is a 7 Pack of Urinelles. His pediatrician said it was the worse hea€™d seen but didna€™t have any suggestions as to what we could do.

Hea€™s also hypo-sensitive, which means his sense of touch is diminished, so he cant feel the urges to push out his poop.

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