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Replacement 6 volt battery and charger made to fit a variety of different Power Wheels Lil Quad Minnie Mouse vehicles. The Power Wheels Toy Story 3 Lil Quad is one of the best ride on toys available on the market, and its popularity is growing by the day.
The Power Wheels Toy Story 3 Lil Quad is an electrically powered 4 wheeler that comes with rechargeable battery (6 volts) and a charger. One of the main features that attract parents to this toy is the ease with which their toddler can operate it. This is one of the few ride on toys that comes with a real cargo rack a€“ so the apple of your eye can indulge in his fantasies of transporting a wide variety of goods.
Perhaps ita€™s the kick of the speed, the thrill of the wind or maybe ita€™s just the sense of adventure. Animated characters of famous Lila€™ Quad series are painted on the toy, making it a big hit with kids.

The speed too has been set at 2 mph; sufficient enough to offer a thrilling ride without compromising on safety.
You needna€™t worry about the toy accidentally moving backwards; the fact that the Power Wheels Toy Story 3 Lil Quad can move only in the forward direction is a big relief.
Whatever the motivation, your child will be absolutely delighted to have their own Power Wheels Toy Story 3 Lil Quad that gives them the freedom to explore all a€“ the park and their parentsa€™ limits of endurance, too.
Your little one is going to be totally thrilled with this latest addition to his growing collection of toys. The low ride allows you to relax and watch indulgently as your toddler attempts to learn to get on and off by himself. The guys who designed the Power Wheels Toy Story 3 Lil Quad have also ensured that it moves only on hard surfaces and grass; it is best used outdoors. Store ratings and product reviews are written and submitted by online shoppers to assist you as you shop.

The one year warranty accompanying this product is a boon in disguise to parents of energetic toddlers. We take no responsibility for the content of ratings and reviews submitted by users or product details obtained from third party merchants. No wonder that although ita€™s meant for kids between the ages of one and two, the Power Wheels Toy Story 3 Lil Quad is often a favorite choice of kids up to six years of age. Furthermore, this website is operated by a for profit business and as such we may receive compensation from advertisers on this website. This compensation includes, but is not limited to, paid advertising placements, referral fees, contextual advertising links and sponsorship packages.

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