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When I moved into my bachelor apartment a year ago, I ended up purchasing their Contemporary Litter Box Hider for $200 plus shipping to Canada and customs charges… it ended up costing me $300.
So thank you, Modern Cat Designs, for offering an option at a lower price point for those of us who find $200+ a stretch! As a family with varied preferences, we would undoubtedly enjoy this design, which is stylish and suitable for any decor. We’ve encountered an issue that we believe occurred in transit to our warehouse from our factory. I remembered this cover from this blog post and came here today hoping to be able to order one.
Usually, cat and kitten owners are pretty lucky–kitten litter box training is not as difficult as it is to potty-train toddlers or puppies. In fact, training kittens to use the cat box is relatively easy, since scratching in litter simulates kittens’ natural behavior. Cats and kittens in the wild know instinctively to bury their waste in the soil to avoid attracting predators.
Tiny newborn kittens, until they’re 3 or 4 weeks old, are used to having their mom ingest of all their waste, so moving on to litter box training is a big step for the little ones. Yes, there will be some accidents early on especially at this age, since they are just learning to control their bladders.
Some kittens have a more difficult time learning to become “accident-free,” and your carpeting bears the brunt of it! They will begin to learn by watching their mom but there are things you can do to help them make the transition. Since this is about the same time that they are being weaned onto semi-solid food, it will be helpful to place the kittens one-by-one into the litter box after each meal, when they are likely to need to go. The first time, place a kitten in it gently and scratch at it with your fingers or hold his paw carefully and make him scratch.
If he jumps out immediately, try the training again in a few minutes, but don’t overdo it–too much he may start to get turned off to the whole idea!

Rubbing her nose in her own feces will just cause her confusion and fear, and if you put her in the box immediately after doing this she may avoid it altogether.
When kittens are very little and you are just beginning litter box training, make sure the box or tray you select is not too steep for them to climb in and out of. As the kittens are litter box training, make sure to keep the cat box in a convenient and accessible location. Keeping it nearby will help assure that the kittens have time to reach it when nature calls. If you have a dog in your household, opt for the cover or better yet, put the litter box in the corner of the kittens’ crate if you have one.
Make sure the kittens have their own box to share among themselves and that mama cat has her own as well. If you adopted a kitten and have other cats in your home, make sure you get the new kitten his own box. There are lots of types of cat litter available, from recycled sawdust and newspaper pellet litter, to white crystals, clumping, etc. You may try different types to see what your kittens like best, but most owners find the best kind is a medium grain clay. Clumping styles make clean up easier, and is often preferred by owners, but it has been linked to respiratory issues in cats. Scented litter is not very much favored by cats, so try an unscented version if the kittens seem offended by the perfume. Clay litter that is too fine easily gets tracked in the house, and course crystal litter can be a little too rough for tender pink pads, so will make training more difficult.
With all the cat litter choices available, don’t get overwhelmed, just keep experimenting–the best kitty litter is the one that you are all happy with! When you fill the box, keep the litter level between 3 and 6 inches, and clean it every day. The litter box itself should be cleaned and sanitized once a week and have fresh litter each time.

Cats and kittens like to be very clean, so keeping a clean toilet will help them (and you!) enjoy a speedy litter box training experience.
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Modern Cat Designs just launched this new modern litter box cover, which starts shipping tomorrow.
Some cats may not respond well to a covered litter box, but other cats do not have a problem with it, as long as you keep the box and cover clean. I am a kitty who prefers my privacy, so I would like a stylish covered litter box like this. Leave some urine and feces in the box for a couple days so they can smell it and get closer to understanding its purpose. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It’s a simple two-piece concealer that holds a standard litter box including larger boxes. Because I am REALLY tired of finding messes where they don’t belong (my chaise lounge!!). Leeand Destiny Welsh Springer SpanielsAll rights reserved.All text is the property of Catherine Lee and Destiny Welsh Springer Spaniels. Text and photographs on this website may not be used without written permission.Web Hosting by Yahoo!
If they could make this exact item with the corrugated plastic sheeting (looks like corrugated cardboard but could be wiped down – no water damage), that would be pawsome!

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