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General advice of the kind found in this website is no substitute for an individual consultation with a vet or qualified behaviourist working on a vet’s referral. Everything on Schedule While you're litter training your cat, it's important to feed him or her on a schedule.
Other guinea pigs will prefer to use one area in the cage for their urine, often near the hay rack or where the floor is covered over. Make sure you buy one which is low enough for the guinea pig to use.  Some like the Options corner litter tray have clips to clip to the side of the cage, so that the guinea pig cannot move the tray about.

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Most cats will need to use the litter box shortly after they wake up, again after they eat, and again after they exercise.
If the soiled area is near where they eat hay, then you might find you need to put some hay for them to munch on while using the tray.
Read How to House Your Outside Guinea pigs or How to House Your Indoor Guinea Pigs for details of the litter.

If they are urinating in a covered area, then you may need to rig up a cover for the litter tray somehow. Then, be sure to reward your cat every time you see him use the box with a treat, a "good kitty" praise, or a scratch on the chin!

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