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Have fun playing some of the best online games ever created and remember to check back often because we are always adding new and even better games. Coloring Pages are learning activity for kids, this website have coloring pictures for print and color. To download the coloring page, simply click to view it in full size and use the "save to" option to put it in your PC. These Coloring Pages is really useful for early child education but you don't need become a teacher to create coloring books to print.
Preschool teacher and Kindergarten teacher Are you a Preschool teacher or Kindergarten teacher?
Painting games for kids are online educational games for Kids that can be used as lesson plans for teachers or like educational toys. Become a Teacher - Teacher Training is essential for teacher and for elementary school tutors.
While searching for coloring pages for my sickie little girl, I came across this useful site for princess coloring pages, printable games, invitations, etc. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [30 Jun 12:00pm GMT]. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [01 Jul 12:00pm GMT]. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [06 Jul 12:00pm GMT]. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [07 Jul 12:00pm GMT].
Six of the twenty unique covers for issue #1.A My Little Pony comic book series based on the cartoon show of the same name. You can search images by categories or posts, you can also submit more pages in comments below the posts. All the content of this website, including Coloring Pages for Girls is free to use, but remember that some images have trademarked characters and you can only use it for strictly free and educational purposes. We will be creating a teacher guide soon with educational field trips, video game education, online security and about teaching degree online.
Improve your kid's drawing technique and art skills with easy to follow video drawing tutorials. Published by IDW, with a rotating creative team, the series was first announced at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, with the first issue released on November 28, 2012.The series has proven a hot seller, reportedly pulling in lots of bronies who haven't bought comics in years and presumably also kids who have never bought them before. 123Peppy has a wide range of quality DIY drawing projects starting from basic drawing to expert level drawing lessons for kids. In 2012, the first issue, along with Image Comics' The Walking Dead, were the only two non-DC, non-Marvel comic titles to be listed in the top 100 comics of the year. How to draw guides are organized by categories based on its type with easy to understand and step by step picture and video drawing tutorials. Individual issues have been IDW's top selling comic for each month regularly placing in the top titles sold in those months.The series begins with a pair of four-issue Story Arcs, with the first featuring the return of Queen Chrysalis, the villain of the Season 2 finale.
This series is notably the first major part of the Friendship Is Magic Expanded Universe, and promises to follow the same all-ages tone that made the show so popular, although the comics sometimes go a little crazier with the characters than the TV series.This page also covers the Annual comics and one-shot specials. So far they either focus on the Equestria Girls spin-off franchise or an Alternate Universe like the Power Ponies.See the Recap page to see summaries and tropes based on the individual story arcs. Price has stated to fans that he considers that the name "Sweetcream Scoops" sounds like that of a lady of the night, and plays her into that trope. Anthropomorphic Shift: Issues drawn by Jay Fosgitt frequently show ponies standing on their hind legs and holding things with their front hooves. Arc Villain: Almost every arc has had an antagonist of some kind, from heavy hitters like Queen Chrysalis, Nightmare Rarity, and a Mirror Universe Princess Celestia, to a common thief and a high school bully. The only arc so far without an antagonist of any kind is Zen & The Art of Gazebo Repair, it's just Big Mac experiencing a ton of bad luck.
Zigzagged with Cassie the Kelpie; although not a lot of attention is paid to it In-Universe, where she is Easily Forgiven, Rainbow Dash does at least make an attempt to call her out on her choice to brainwash the entirety of Ponyville to tear down a dam and flood their homes instead of just asking for help to retrieve her friends.

Continuity Nod: Several relating back to the series, as is aught natural for a tie-in comic. Covers Always Lie: What's on the cover usually has nothing to do with what goes on in the story. Katie Cook has appeared throughout as a green unicorn mare (often wearing a kerchief headwear) with a word-balloon cutie mark. She has also had her husband Ryan appear as a mule in issue #1, with her laughing at him, as light-hearted revenge for his dislike of Fluttershy. And despite her personally being younger than Andy, Andy Price drew her next to him in the yearbook (the bottom two left ponies on the Juniors page) on his variant cover for Issue #11 .
Andy Price has drawn himself along with his wife Alice as pony characters at least thrice (Issue #1, #9 and the Rarity Micro-comic); his OC is Leadwing, a blue earth pony with a Batman-like cutie mark (part of his previous pedigree), while his wife's OC is a red-headed unicorn mare with a bird-like emblem cutie mark. Both Katie and Andy may have become Ascended Fanboys as their OCs appeared as concept art images for Season 5 of the show.
Both characters later had cameos in the episode "Princess Spike." Heather Breckel, the colorist for most of the comics in both the main and micro, has her ponified Angie OC appear in the Rarity microcomic.
Darker and Edgier: Storylines are much more mature, Death is actually referred to as such, a lot more of focus is put on the teeth and eyes of characters (in all their icky glory), and the writers are not afraid to include more involved fight scenes and look at some of the more disturbing aspects of Equestrian life, such as just what the Changelings do to their victims.
The comic as a whole features a lot of content the cartoon could never get away with in terms of copyright restrictions or Moral Guardians. A notable example is that Heather Nuhfer and Katie Cook seem to have different opinions on how to approach Princess Twilight's way of dealing with outlaws. In the Nuhfer-written pirates Story Arc Twilight tries to use her Princess status to make a peaceful deal with a group of pony pirates, when they threaten to kidnap her she magically zaps them into submission. Katie Cook on the other hand has Twilight refuse to use her magic on cattle bandits even when they're clearly breaking the law and attacking her friends, on the basis they're legal, sentient citizens of Equestria.
There have been short "G4" comics and stories found in little girls' magazines before this, but they simply used stock art with poor writing. This series has promised to follow more closely to the show's continuity and tone, while also having the opportunity to flesh out some things that can't be covered in a 22-minute episode. Katie Cook explains that she is writing each 4-issue story with content roughly equal to two 22-minute episodes.
Loose Canon: As the comic is written by different people from the show, the comic's canon and the show's canon don't always match up. The comics don't flat-out contradict any pre-established materials, but the show doesn't reference the comic for any material, and as the show has continued on and done more World Building, the discrepancies between the show and the comics began to build up. This is partly because of Animation Lead Time and Hasbro doesn't seem to inform the writers of everything about upcoming seasons. Another factor is that, aside from Twilight becoming an alicorn, there's no indication of passage of time in the comics, and issues are usually self-contained with few, if any, references to other story arcs. Thus, one could even claim the comics are in Anachronic Order, allowing them to happen at different points in the show to various effects on continuity.
In short, the canonicity of the comics comes down to how individual fans feel like treating them. Once per Episode: Andy Price, a big fan of the television show Fringe, has included an Observer pony (grey, hairless, wearing a suit and fedora) in every story he's drawn, watching events from the background of a panel. The other writers & artists tone it down a little, but there's still a few shout outs per issue. Saved by Canon: It's a simple matter of fact that the characters aren't in any real danger, given the supplementary nature of the comic.
Status Quo Is God: The comics have to stay consistent with the show's status quo, ensuring any major events get wrapped up well enough to stay self-contained. Written and drawn by Katie CookRarity has Pinkie over to help try on a dress, and steps out for a few moments. Pinkie hears the sounds of an ice cream cart and races to it, ruining the dress by the time she gets there, and tries to play it off when Rarity returns.
Mind-Control Eyes: Pinkie Pie when the jingle of an ice cream wagon distracts her from modelling for Rarity.

Written and drawn by Katie CookSpike, left behind in Ponyville, has tried contacting Princess Celestia via his dragon breath messaging system with no luck, and travels to Canterlot, only to find it under attack by giant flying cockatrices. Celestia grabs Spike in time, and as Spike rattles off the troubles the Mane 6 are going under, the two work together to defend Canterlot from it. With the threat over, Celestia awards Spike a medal for his help before they depart to meet up with the Mane 6. Adaptational Badass: Epic battle-damaged, trident-wielding Spike riding Celestia in the middle of the fight against the giant Cockatrice attack.
Call Back: Canterlot is protected by a force field as it was in "A Canterlot Wedding", though Shining Armor doesn't otherwise appear.
Eyepatch After Time Skip: Spike has acquired one for some reason, even though both his eyes clearly work fine in the last panel. Forgot About His Powers: The giant mutant cockatrices who attack Canterlot don't seem to be able to turn anypony to stone.
Another panel features Katie's two children (as ponies), and her husband Ryan (still as a donkey, from the first issue).
Monochrome Past: This comic is all black line art, as it presumably takes place before the flashback events in issue #17.
Random Events Plot: The hat goes through a number of situations created by happenstance before it falls into Star Swirl's hooves. Art Shift: Most of the story is in the Monochrome Past black line art of the first two Star Swirl stories, but the final two panels featuring the Mirrorverse Mane 6 is in full color. Mirror Universe: The short takes place by the alternate Mane 6, which has been hinted at by the main story for the Reflections arc.
Notable differences here include that Twilight's cutie mark is one that looks like an atom rather than magic (and she remains a unicorn), Pinkie has long, straight hair and is happily enjoying a healthy salad, AJ wears a black hat and bandana, and Rarity has a huge curly perm instead of her normal trim curls. Self-Deprecation: The book that Twilight is reading appears to be authored by "Katie Cook".
Written and drawn by Katie CookThe mirrorverse Mane 6 feel the results of Sombra absorbing the evil energy in his universe, which results in them acting like the Prime-Equestria Mane 6.
Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: The Mirror Mane Six have committed forgery, smuggling, and a large number of Felony Misdemeanor crimes.
Felony Misdemeanor: Save for smuggling and forgery, these make up the Long List of the Mirrorverse Mane Six's crimes.
Long List: The Wanted Poster in the corner has one of the Mirror Mane Six's crimes, serious and not so serious. Guest cover artists include Jill Thompson, Stephanie Buscema, Amy Mebberson, Melanie Tingdahl, J.
Continuity Nod: The Hot Topic exclusive issue 4 cover references gags from both "Call of the Cutie" and "Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000".
Andy Price's cover variant for Issue #11 calls back to Cheerilee's "80's look" from "Call of the Cutie", mentions Moondancer, the pony who's party Twilight didn't want to go to in the first episode, and then touches on several minor characters, including Lyra, Minuette (Colgate), Caramel, and Thunderlane. Inverted though in other cases, in that the covers are directly using single-page spreads from the comic. In one case, Issue #9's BronyCon exclusive Comics World variant used a full page spread from the story that basically was part of a major joke in the comic, to the point that the writer and artist of the issue, Katie Cook and Andy Price, were annoyed with how much it spoiled. While the depicted scene doesn't occur, fireworks and explosions do feature prominently thanks to the Crusaders attempts at fireworks operating cutie marks. Funny Background Event: In the background of Issue #13's Cover B, Rarity can be seen leaning over the side of the ship, clearly seasick.

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