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If we cannot define basic words, such as “a,” “of,” “the,” then we need to always read with a dictionary handy.
Never would have grasped the etymological meaning of toon, as the suffix to cartoon without this. The goal of the Illuminati is to establish anti Christ, anti God secular one world, new order. If We Learned That The Disney Corp Was Satanic And Bad For Children, Then Would We Still Support It?
Did Disney accidentally (on purpose) draw in a phallic symbol on the cover of the Little Mermaid video?
Jessica Rabbit Is More Exaggerated Than Barbie Nicki Minaj The Black Barbie Is Inspired In Part By Disney. I find it interesting that Hugh Hefner and Walt Disney both lived in Holmbly Hills also known as the Platinum Triangle. Disney Gives Little Girls Examples To Dress & Walk Around LIKE that As Part Of Fantasy Role Playing. Especially since Star Wars, when George Lucas made it known that he used The Hero With a Thousand Faces to write Star Wars.
I admit I know little of the above but have heard innuendos in the past about hidden sexual things in Walt Disney cartoons.

1I, what of the other(s) unseen hmm as if a even higher game or CLASS is at play testing them still who toy others. With that other I not even being considered is it possible extreme deception is at play for them.. Anyway it seems to be a cool think group that has attracted all factions of this sphere it seems so with that ASK ** wealth don't buy health aaeyyyy.
I guess it is my nature to research things that interest me, and once you know what you are looking for, you will find answers. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. It's as if the music industry wants your kid to start drinking up and getting down and then falling flat.
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