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The Mary Tyler Family entered into that industry ourselves for the very first time a few weeks ago. Mary Tyler Baby was wrapped in a blanket and before I knew it, we were both in front of the camera. Soon enough, after bottle and in the tropical climate of our playroom, Mary Tyler Baby was ready to rumble, newborn style. With the diaper off and a sweet little gnome knit hat on, Mary Tyler Baby was still pretty cooperative. So tip number two is to get that photographer in there early, or you best believe you will be charged extra for the airbrushing of unsightly blemishes and baby wrangler fees. At this point I was half nervous about my undiapered baby on the photographer's pure white blanket and half cracking up over the directions she was shouting at Mary Tyler Baby, "MOVE YOUR LEG TO COVER YOUR DINGLE!"  I mean come on.
My nervousness won out, though, as I worried aloud about my baby's fluids on this pristine white blanket. I sprang into action, grabbing Mary Tyler Baby in one hand, wrapping a blanket around his bits as I lifted him up, and with my free hand, I grabbed my iPhone and took a photo.
Within minutes my little one was dressed and harnessed and I had sprayed the shit, literally, out of that blanket. So tip number three is to have a lot of Shout it Out on hand, and apologies, and a camera within reach.
I never got those Anne Geddes style shots of my two oldest, and much as I have skoffed at them in the past, and despite knowing all the work that goes into those newborn photo shoots, I've gots to say that seeing Mary Tyler Baby, precious as precious can be, nestled all snug with a gnome cap on his head, manipulated as the image might be, Lordy, am I glad to have it.

Bum Bul Bee Photo + Films, the woman owned business behind our newborn photo shoot, is right now having a holiday special through November 15.
This is Donna's Cancer Story, which appeared daily in serial format during the month of September, 2011 to recognize Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The Hubs optimistically suggested that maybe our potty-training technique is working and Little O is realizing it when she goes to the bathroom. The panda baba’s mom and dad, Yuan Yuan and Tuan Tuan, were given to Taiwan as gifts from Mainland China in 2008. As a diplomatic tactic, China has been sending panda bears to countries around the world as gifts as far back as the Tan Dynasty, or about A.D. But as the panda population dwindled over the years, Mainland China stopped giving the cute bears out for free. Because the baby panda was injured by its inexperienced mother, the baby has been removed to an incubator to recover. Because the baby is staying in the incubator now, the zookeepers have a replacement fake baby panda for Yuan Yuan, the new mother. The fake baby panda was smeared with real baby panda’s poop so it smells like the real thing.
Before Yuan Yuan is ready to take over, the keepers in Taipei Zoo are doing a great job keeping the baby happy! With Yuan Yuan still recovering from the childbirth and Yuan-Zai staying in the incubator, Tuan Tuan is the only one seeing visitors.

I’m going to break that no-writing-about-poop promise in this post, but only this once.
We've been doing a little bit of potty training but I think maybe it's time to go full speed ahead!
3 years of trying and 7 failed attempts of artificial insemination after, Yuan Yuan finally got pregnant earlier this year and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in July. Also, a raw egg was stuffed inside because the zookeepers want to know if the new mother is gentle enough to the baby.
And only because I managed to catch today’s poop fiasco on camera, which adds a whole new level of entertainment to the story.
After making sure that Yuan Yuan is ready to take on the job, the baby panda will reunite with her mother.
Mainland China claims Taiwan as part of its territory even though the two sides have been ruled separately for more than 60 years. The Hubs is already at work, so I stumble into her room and try to soothe her back to sleep.

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