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This 8 in 1 playground gym is both an outdoor playhouse and a challenging outdoor climber that makes going to the park almost obsolete! The Little Tikes Whale Teeter Totter is a great little seesaw for young children.I really like the whale theme as it makes it stand out from other seesaws.
I was looking for a rocker type toy for my twins and wanted something that they could play with together.
Because my home is regularly used as a meeting point for play dates I was keen to purchase some outdoor toys for when my home is taken over by my friends children (who range from 9 months to 4 years) and also for my 18 month old twin boys to use.
If you are a parent of a pre-schooler, you cannot have failed to notice the ubiquitous 'whale teeter totter', at children's parties, toddler groups and nurseries etc. As part of our garden collection we have a green rocker made by little tikes it is the same as above except our is green. Little Tykes make great outdoor children toys, usually made out of hard wearing plastic they can withstand the weather if left outside. This is a garden toy that we have had some time now in some ways I think this is one of the most classic garden toys that you can buy as I see it in so many gardens around where we will live.
I was given one of thes little tykes whale see saw when my son was one and it was one of the best gifts he received and we still use it now four years later with my two year old daughter. Shop the Little Tikes Outdoor Toy sale and save up to 40% on some of their most popular toys – including the Mr. Little Tikes Construction SandboxWork is really just child’s play with this imaginative construction sandbox.
As it is a turquoise colour it is perfect for both girls and boys.The children where I work love to play with this seesaw when we go outside and the seesaw itself has been there a long time and lasted through the constant battering from children. Most of toys I found were only suitable for one at a time so was really pleased to find this.
This in itself speaks highly of the product- anything that can last in these rough and tumble environments must be well made or not well used, and this product is certainly the former.At around ?25 from a variety of children's toy retailers (ELC and Toys R Us to name a couple), this sturdy toy for indoors or outdoors is an absolute must-have for years of play for your little ones. We own several little tykes products some of which aren't in the Dooyoo catalogue but this one is. I think the reason that the Little Tikes whale toy is so popular is that it is a simple but fun toy for children from toddlers upwards.What is it?*********For those of you unfamiliar with this blue whale they let me describe it. The extra-large play pit leaves plenty of room for little workers to dig, dump, pour and drive their earthmovers to the job site. The unique design can be configured in eight different ways with climbing platforms, tunnels and plenty of places to climb, hide, and crawl. It has also stayed a nice bright colour and not really faded at all.The seesaw is a hollow plastic and hasn't broken or cracked.
The Little Tikes Whale Teeter Tooter allows my twins to play together or on their own and their is also room for a friend to join in too. The manufacturer recommends that this see-saw rocker is suitable for children from 24 Months - 5 Years, but Baby Frank has been playing on hers since around 12 months (with close supervision of course) and now, at 15 months, is able to get on and off without much adult intervention at all.
It is described as a whale as at 1 side of the rocker it has eyes and a smile and I suppose it is meant to be the shape of a whale either way my children think it is cute.It is around three feet long and has a seat on each end. The whale teeter totter is a little seesaw which costs around ?10 and is capable of entertaining two children at either ends of the seesaw. My little ones are only small and so it was so important that they could play outside in a safe and fun environment. They loved it from when they first climbed on and there was a lot of laughter!There is space to sit either end and in the middle all allow little ones to hold onto the yellow handles which are the ideal size for little hands. The maximum weight per child is 23kg.The product is a rather bulky 105cm L x 43cm W x 36cm H which comes in a box proportioned 116cm L x 45cm W x 106cm H. There is a raised platform at the bottom of the rocker so that children can rest there feet comfortably on there and there is a handle bar at each end for the child to support themselves while seated on the see saw.
The totter is approximately three foot long, has two slightly raised seats and at both ends of the totter is a bar which the children can grab. The whale is made on a rocking base so that if you have two children they can sit at either side and use it like a traditional see saw.

Both me and my wife, scoured through catalogues and websites, looking for some outdoor toys that would not only be safe but also entertaining and amusing to the children. The side of the whale has wavy foot rests to help your little ones keep their balance whilst on the toy. The Teeter Totter is designed to accommodate 1, 2 or 3 children which is great for when friends come over to play, but also not restricted to having others around. The totter has a convex bottom which pivots on the bottom of the base and therefore causes a seesaw motion which the children can rock backwards and forwards to create a seesaw motion. Place the sandbox’s removable lid next to the sand pit to double the creative play area for loaders, dozers and other toy vehicles.
When we saw this little tikes childrens playhouse on offer in our local b and q we were really impressed with it's bright colours. My little ones were too light to be able to see-saw it by themselves when we first got it but it was quite easy to rock it for them. It is made of robust plastic and can survive all that the English summer (and probably winter!) can throw at it. Its light weight but not so much that it blows away when its windy as I have problems with other garden toys.Its recommended from 18 months plus however my 1 year old son uses it no problem just needs a little assistance from mummy yet my 3 year old boy still loves it too.
There is a raised ledge running along the bottom of the totter which the children can place there feet on, the larger children can keep there feet on the ground but the totter is relatively heavy in relation to the under fives so even 4-5 year olds can't use their strength to push the other child over. If you have only one child they can sit in the middle and hold on and use it in a similar way to a rocking horse. I liked it because when I think of playhouses, I think of pretty pink with little curtains at the window. There are yellow handles on each side for gripping on to.There are three seats, one in the middle and two either side. The age range is 2-5 years so I'm hoping to get plenty more use from it.It comes in bright blue with whale eyes on either side and has weathered well so far as you would expect from the Little Tikes brand.
It is chunky, with 'easy-to-grip' handles for little ones, and has a foot rest that runs the length of the rocker for the children to put their feet on. The fun aspect of the toy is of course that two kids can play on the same toy at once and can stop arguments over toys, at least if only 2 kids are around. The whale as part of its moulded plastic design has some waves that it sits on to give the illusion of riding and swimming amongst the waves and the children can rest their feet on these curves. This is a benefit as it means if only one child wants to play on it they can by using the middle seat or if two or three want to use it they can too.Children find it easy to move the seesaw and have great fun going up and down without falling off. It has stoppers on the bottom to allow you to fill it with sand or water although we have never had any problems using it empty. It seems very safe as the riders can't get any body parts trapped under the rocker as the footrest prevents this.
Its cheap but very well made and has given my children hours of fun it is always a hit with visiting children too. We have two boys under the age of 3, they are very competitive and what one has the other also has to have, one is a year older than the other and therefore tends to get his way but with this toy both boys can play together on the same toy. There are bright yellow handles for your little ones to hold on to as they ride the whale and the whale itself has a very cute looking face.In use*******We bought ours at a car boot sale and I have to say we have had a bargain buy as my son loves playing on this in the garden. But this house was a mixture of light and dark greens with a bright yellow door and window. I say that but two of the children did have a game once to see who could fall off first, thankfully it was on grass.It works best on grass as if they fall off they don't injure themselves but it can be used on hard surfaces. At just over a metre in length it doesn't take up too much space in our small garden.The Whale is designed to be an outdoor toy but we have used ours indoors when the weather has been bad which has added to the use we have got from it.
Other children clamouring around for their turn however, may get their toes underneath, but I think this is a minor risk.This is an excellent, robust toy and well worth the money. They can sit at either ends, can rock backwards and forwards and grab the bar so ensuring safety.
The plastic even though ours was second hand is still a bright blue and hasn't shown any signs of fading in the two years we have had it.

The only problem with hard surfaces is that the seesaw starts off in one place and gradually shifts to somewhere completely new.The seesaw is really light and easy to move but it is rather big so has to be left outside. They can't push the other over, though they have tried and they can't move the totter around very easily once sat upon it.The totter was bought during last years summer, it got plenty of use by our older boy but now the younger boy is walking around and playing he has found the toy this year since the weather has improved.
Which was suitable for both boys and girls to play in.We paid around ?150 for this little tikes playhouse.
Being outside it can get dirty but the plastic makes it easy to clean with a damp cloth.This toy can be bought from argos for ?35.
So for ?10 we have had a toy which has sat outside all winter, has come through largely unscathed and both boys are enjoying playing with again this summer.If you put this toy on grass then any parent can put two children of two or older and watch them play with a degree of safety. The only time that it can show signs of wear and tear is if it is left out in the winter the water curves of the waves can take on a green mouldy quality but after about half an our of cleaning with Dettol spray and hot water this soon comes off.We find that he enjoys playing on it on his own in the garden when he is sat in the centre and he often pretends to be a pirate riding the whale. We did think that this was a bit steep but were willing to pay this price as 'little tikes' has such a good reputation as a childs toy manufacturer. It is well worth the money.It is recommended for children over 18 months but I have one at home which I have used with a one year old. I thought it was worth paying the price for this house as it was sturdy, colourful and looked to me as if it would be long lasting. At work I use it with 2 to 4 year olds which I think is the best age as they can do it themselves.The maximum weight for the toy is 23kg. I think for the boys playing it is because they then can't make it go as fast and high and equally they can't all see one another. It takes a lot of weight though, I have gone on it with children before.I can't fault this cute little whale. I was a little bit daunted when I had to put it together, but it was easy enough and had instructions that were easy to follow. This is my only real criticism of the toy is that for children at the younger age range of the toy they can feel a little vulnerable on it and if it had a detachable harness for the smaller age group that could be fed through some holes or just clipped in place it would be perfect. As it is now that he is a dare devil of a 3 year old he doesn't mind there being no straps in fact I think he wouldn't let me put them on if it did have!They call this toy a teeter totter whale but in my opinion this name suggests something that is not substantial which is not the case as the whale in our garden rides majestically up and down on the waves to many shrieks and giggles without teetering or tottering over.Overall********This is a classic garden toy and is a worthwhile buy for any family in my opinion.
It is often found cheaper at car boot sale and my advice is if you see one get one as it provides hours of amusement for the 2-5 year old age group.
The toy itself is well made and ours even though second hand shows no sign of damage despite the whale riding roughly on the waves.
What made me happy, was that everyday the playhouse would be turned into something different.
One day it was a macdonalds and my son was using his bike to drive around and order food through to my daughter inside the house.
Another day they took ages colouring in and making signs out of cardboard to turn the outside of this house into a grocery store. I was well impressed with the way in which the children used their imaginations to turn this house into different shops for their games.
The shutter on the window has come off a couple of times but has been placed back on with no trouble. It has kept them amused for hours and hopefully will continue to keep them occupied for a while to come. I am also hoping that it will remain in good condition because I intend to sell it on and make some money back.
The hard moulded plastic that the see saw is made from is easily wiped over with a cloth and ours has spent most of the summer outdoors. Although for children over 3 years old I feel that the see saw is a little too small for three older children to play on.

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