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The high seat back on this durable swing helps support a young rider just learning to sit up. This Little Tikes Toddler Swing is a perfectly toddler swing that has the size and durability of a preschool swing. It prevents your little one from falling or slipping due to the T hinged bar that provides optimum safety. The ropes and other attachment hardware come along with this toddler swing set so the swing can be installed in minutes.
This high back toddler swing is a transition swing between a baby swing and a large swing set.

Besides its high back seat is specially designed to support young riders who just learn how to sit up. In addition, this high back toddler swing can be set up individually or added on to any existing swing set.
They will gain conceptive skills as well as cognition skills through the rides of this high back toddler swing.Little Tikes High Back Toddler Swing comes with some special features. In addition, a wide seat and broad leg openings assist young riders entry and exit the high back toddler swing easily. This high back toddler swing includes a heavy-duty hardware, weather-resistant rope, and of course a swing.Little Tikes High Back Toddler Swing is made of hard plastic.

In fact, some people have passed it over to their younger toddlers, nieces, nephews, or even friends’ kids. Besides this high back toddler swing has a bright red color which obviously appeals to any toddler’s eyes.

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